Benue State: Groups jostle to fill vacant Tor Tiv stool

Benue State: Groups jostle to fill vacant Tor Tiv stool

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 1:15 am

The departed  Tor Tiv, Alfred Torkula

The departed Tor Tiv, Alfred Torkula

Some  groups in Tiv land have started lobbying for the vacant Tor Tiv stool following the demise of former occupant, Alfred Torkula, on Nov. 23, 2015.

Since then, various interest groups in Tivland have been lobbying to fill the stool with their candidates. The last Tor Tiv hailed from Ichongo.

The two major groups in Tivland are Ipusu and Ichonho. They are made up of five intermediate areas – Jemgbagh, Sankera, Kwande, Jechira and Minda.

Traditionalists believed that the stool should be zoned to the Ipusu group in line with the rotational principle of kingship in the land.

During a courtesy visit to Gov. Samuel Ortom in Makurdi on Monday, the people of Sankera, led by Rep. Emmanuel Udende, appealed to the governor to ensure fairness in the selection process.

Udende explained that the rotational principle guiding the selection of the Tiv monarch had to be held sacrosanct as an integral part of the Tiv tradition.

“It is the turn of Ipusu of Sankera to produce the next Tor Tiv. We must as a matter of fact respect our tradition in the selection of the next Tiv ruler.

“As a man of God, we know that you will ensure that the right thing is done during the selection of the next king.

“Most importantly, we deeply sympathise with you and the entire Tiv nation on the death of our great King.”

Udende (Sankera-PDP), commended the governor for appointing their sons and daughters into key positions in his government.

He also commended the governor for granting amnesty to possessors of illegal weapons in the state, adding that his constituents were the greatest beneficiaries of the programme.

He said the area was enjoying relative peace since the disarmament.

The legislator pleaded with the governor to ensure that all abandoned projects in the area were completed.

Responding, Gov. Ortom said the selection of a new king would commence after the burial of the departed one.

He said the Tiv Traditional Council would identify the area where the next king would come from.

Ortom promised to do the right thing during the selection of the new king, adding that the Tiv people already have a custom that regulated the appointment of monarch.

He commended Sankera people for supporting him during his campaign and up to the Supreme Court.

The governor assured that all abandoned projects in the area had been captured in the 2016 budget, stressing that they would be completed.

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