MOSOP re-elects Pyagbara president, amidst controversy

MOSOP re-elects Pyagbara president, amidst controversy

Thursday, December 31, 2015 1:45 pm

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt



The re-election of Legborsi Saro Pyagbara, the incumbent President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP),the apex Socio-Cultural body, to pilot the affairs of the Ogoni umbrella organisation for the next three years- (2016-2019) has sparked a new controversy. His lone challenger said the poll was a charade and not free and fair.

At the election that was held in Bori,the traditional headquarters of the Ogoni people,on Wednesday, Pyagbara scored 51 votes, while his challenger, Chief Mike Lube-Nwidobie scored zero.

Other officials elected were: Elder Fortune Chujor (Deputy President), Anthony M. Porole (Secretary-General), Miigbara Tanee, Gideon Amba, Israel Sor, Sylvanus Nkinanee, Friday Nlekanwa, Isaac Barine Lemon, Sunday Kanyone and Sylvanus Adamgbo – elected as Vice Presidents in-charge of Babbe, Eleme, Ken-Khana, Nyo-Khana, Tai, Gokana, Ban-Ogoi and Bori respectively.

No sooner the election ended than Lube-Nwidobie began kicking against it as a charade, describing the process and outcome as neither Free nor fair.

He claimed that the constitution of the Electoral Committee was skewed in favour of Pyagbara because the Chairman,Prince Biirah and Bara-ara Kpalap,his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity were members of the committee.

He vowed that he would not accept the result and has threatened to setup a parallel caretaker Committee that would re-conduct the election.

Pyaghara after his re-election thanked the people for re-electing him and others. He promised that they will not let them down,emphasising that the victory is for all.

He maintained that he would remain committed to the Ogoni struggle.

Mr. Pyagbara further stated that he will not relent until the United Nations Environmental Programme,UNEP report is implemented.

The MOSOP leader, however, called on his opponent in the election as well as all Ogonis to join him in the effort to ensure that the injustices inflicted on the Ogoni people are redressed.

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