Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault

Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 4:46 pm

Bill Cosby: NBC

Bill Cosby: NBC

Bill Cosby, the famous US Comedian, has been charged with sexual assault more than a decade after a former Temple University employee told police the comedian drugged and violated her at his home near Philadelphia, The Associated Press and CNBC reported.

It’s the first criminal charge against Cosby over his conduct with women, which has received new scrutiny in the past year.

The Montgomery County prosecutor,  Kevin Steele, according to the report, announced Wednesday that Cosby had been charged with aggravated indecent assault, a felony. It’s a reversal of a decision by a previous district attorney, who declined to charge Cosby in 2005.

Cosby’s lawyer declined to comment on the case before the announcement. The 78-year-old comedian previously said under oath that he had “consensual sexual contact with the woman.”

Prosecutors reopened the case as new evidence was unsealed in the woman’s related civil case and dozens of women came forward with similar accusations.

Steele said that new evidence supporting the charge involving the assault taking place at Cosby’s home in Montgomery County in 2004, came to light this summer. “We examined all the evidence and we made this determination because it was the right thing to do,” Steele said.

The charge was announced just ahead of the expiry in January of the 12-year statute of limitations for bringing charges.

Cosby, a famous Hollywood star with a good-guy image, acknowledged a decade ago that he had sexual contact with Andrea Constand, who then worked in Temple University, but that was only “consensual.”

Constand, 42, alleged that Cosby drugged her and violated her in 2004 at his home in Cheltenham Township, near Philadelphia. After then Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor declined to charge Cosby in 2005, Constand settled her case with Cosby in 2006 on confidential terms.

If convicted, Cosby, 78, could face up to 10 years in prison.

Cosby is a famed American comedian, actor and author. He became the first black actor to land a starring role in the 1960s TV show I Spy, and earned three Emmys awards. He created, produced and hosted the animated comedy TV series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids from 1972 to 1985, and produced and starred in a TV sitcom The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992. He has also starred in a number of films.

Cosby’s good-guy image has been badly tarnished in recent years as he has been accused of either rape, drug-related sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct by more than 50 women.

Most of the alleged acts have exceeded the 12-year statute of limitations for criminal legal proceedings, but several civil lawsuits have been brought against Cosby.

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