U-23 Nations Cup: Nigeria v Algeria live

U-23 Nations Cup: Nigeria v Algeria live

Saturday, December 12, 2015 8:10 pm

Here are some live blogs of the U-23 African Nations Cup at the Leopold Sedar Senghor Stadium in Dakar Senegal

Nigeria's Dream Team VI: the African champions

Nigeria’s Dream Team VI: the African champions

19:58 National anthems of both countries rendered. Players do the traditional handshake.

20:00 Referees also exchange greetings. The players now cluster together for prayers. Which team will God support today.

20:00 Game starts. Nigeria push to Algeria box. Victor Osimhen in Jersey 9 had first shot to the Algerian keeper.Shot not too strong to threaten Algerian keeper.

Nigeria are having control of the first four minutes. A corner kick taken already. The Algerian not yet in this match

20:05 Algeria foul against Nigeria.Nigerian free kick saved by Algerian keeper.

20.06: Algeria in counter attack for first time. But a cross from the right was headed out of danger by Nigeria defence.

20.10: Nigeria had another shot at goal wasted as it goes out.

File: Etebo Oghenekaro: always a danger man

File: Etebo Oghenekaro: always a danger man

20.13: Nigerian penalty. Abdellahi fouls Nigerian Etebo.
20:14 Etebo scores. He already has 3 goals in the kitty.  Goal Number 4.May win the golden boot.

20.17 Nigeria press forward again. Win a throw in.

20.18 Etebo fouls an Algerian in midfield. Long shot taken. But wasted.

20.19 Algerian win the ball on the left, push forward. But player fouled by Nigeria. Another free kick for Algeria. Again wasted. Poses no danger for Nigerian keeper Daniel.

21 minutes after, Nigeria still keeping ball under control.
22.00 Nigeria shoots at goal again. Algerian keeper parries not completely out of danger. A Nigerian player hustle down for the ball. He didn’t succeed.

A Nigerian player lies in pain on the pitch but game goes on with a threatening Nigerian shot at goal. Algerian keeper up to the task.

Madagascar Referee stops play for the injured Nigerian.

20.28 Algerian still finding it difficult to break through the Defence

Daniel: saved Nigeria again

Daniel: saved Nigeria again

20.30. Nigeria’s own goal by defender Oduduwa  following a cross on the right by Algeria. Proceedings now all square at the stadium. Nigeria under pressure.

20.33 an Algerian player injured in a collision with Nigeria number 10.

20.34: Algeria foul just outside the box. Can Nigeria make use of it?
Etebo to take the kick.
Kick taken but hits Algerian wall. Algeria now have a goal kick.

20.37 A Nigerian foul just after midfield. Algeria try a set piece. But it was headed out.
20.39. Algeria has another free kick

20.40 Goal number for Etebo, his fifth in the tournament. Nigeria 2 Algeria 1. Etebo snatched the ball in midfield and ran with it breaking through Algerian defence for tap in. A brilliant solo effort.

20.45. Nigeria appear to have first half wrapped up for a deserved victory.

In extra minutes Algeria made a frenetic run for Nigerian goal mouth. But effort warded off.

Referee signals end of first half. Nigerian players cluster together for another prayer: God give us this day!

Second half starts at 9 pm

21.03: Nigerian player injured

21.07: Etebo in another solo run. But was thwarted right on time.
21.08. Osimhen wastes a laid out ball in the 18 yard box

21.10: so far the Nigerians still playing with determination. Algeria too are coming on stronger.

21.12. Keeper Daniel saves an Algerian shot after a corner.
Another save by Daniel. A low shot by Algeria.

21.15 fifteen minutes of play. Goal line remains same.
21.16 Algerian are making more efforts.
Algeria make a change. No 10 goes out for number 11.

21.18. Algeria flicks a ball near Nigeria goal. Keeper Daniel watches ball rolling out.

Nigerian foul in the centre. A Nigerian player booked. Free kick for Algeria. Keeper Daniel saves again. It seems it won’t be a walk in the park for Nigeria yet.

A penalty awarded to Algeria was also saved by Daniel.

21.22 Osimhen goes out. He has not had a good game today.
20.30 another tricky free kick taken by Algeria. Daniel misses, but saved by defence.

20.32 Algeria makes another change. Number 9 goes out for number 12.

20.33 Nigeria number 10 Usman cries for attention. Moves out. It does not seem he is out yet.

20.35 ten minutes to go. Etebo lies on the pitch. Seems to have been kicked on the head by Algerian player.

21.38. A free kick for Algeria. No danger for Daniel.

21.39. A Nigerian corner taken. Taken but goes for throw. Another corner for Nigeria.

Four minutes to go. Nigeria move forward again for another attack,. But number 2 fouled. A booking and a free kick against Algeria.

Two minutes to go.
Will Nigeria hold?

One minute to go, tension high. Algeria committing more fouls.

We are going to have four minutes of extra time.

Two minutes gone already. An Algerian shot saved by Daniel. In the last minute now. Any drama? An Algeria player falls on his own trying to take a ball.

Final minute. Goal kick by Algeria and referee blows the final whistle. Nigeria U-23 have won the cup. Nigerian players fall on their knees to thank God.

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