Adeboye asks worshipers to bring combs to this Friday’s vigil

Adeboye asks worshipers to bring combs to this Friday’s vigil

Friday, December 11, 2015 10:43 pm

Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye

Femi Anjorin

At this year’s Holy Ghost Congress of the Redeemed Christian Church of God is gradually going to the end, the General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has directed the worshippers who will be coming for prayers tonight to bring along combs.

He specifically instructed parents to ensure that a comb is given to each of their children.

Adeboye told the congregation to be patient to see what the combs will be used for.

Meanwhile, up to Thursday night, the number of babies delivered at the Redemption camp had risen to 24 (12 boys and 12 girls).

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  • David says:

    meant still not comfortable.

  • David says:

    I wish I had not made this comment the way I did about a respected man of God, even though I am still not uncomfortable about the use of comb, especially the part of keeping it.

  • omoibile says:

    no need to fret! if you are not a member of RCCG you are NOT in danger of any of the idolatrous practices that you fear so much!

  • Olafimhan S. Oladejo-Babalola says:

    Impacting the world through transformed lives was the focus of Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry and this remains the basis of the New Testament Church. Therefore, any local assembly or denomination that deviates from the standard of transformation by engaging God’s people in a meaningful discipleship process, instead of following the pattern of the world such as bringing of combs before prayer could be answered, becomes obsolete and useless for the Great Commission, the business of the kingdom. From Olafimihan Solomon Oladejo-Babalola

  • David says:

    Deviated doctrines. Christians beware, hold fast to Christ and not to a comb. Little by little, it is easier for your faith to be carefully taken away from you. Even as simple as saying A LOUD AMEN of approval to such is enough to ignorantly renounce your faith in what Christ has done for you and expose yourself to demons. Most of the mysteries in the old testament were pointing to Christ Jesus and have been revealed in Christ Jesus. No one should take advantage of the old testament to introduce new “mysteries”, doctrines and teachings after Christ who is the ultimate has been revealed. God is speaking these days through His Son Jesus Christ. If Christ has not said it or confirmed it, do not be fooled by men of god who intimidate you to feel they get some instructions from God in ways that you cannot possible discern or comprehend but yet oblige you to obey for “your good”. Please be content in the confines of the the safety God has made for you in Christ Jesus. I see many deviating prophets are anchoring on the ministry of Moses, but do not forget what Jesus said, that John was the greatest of men in the old, but the least of us in the new covenant of Jesus Christ is greater than John. The days of old were God communicated His will to only few prophets of old are gone. Through Jesus, He has poured out His HolySpirit upon all flesh to reveal primarily to you the will of God for your life and if need be God will only need a second or third party to confirm to you what He has already tried to reveal to you. Please be careful who you follow ensuring God has a need of that pastor in your life. By sticking strictly to two greatest commandments- to love your God and to love your neighbours, will give you all the progress in life you need. You do not need a comb, needless talk of keeping it to worship it as your savior rather than holding fast to Christ in your heart. Go and become a matured christian, go study the teaching of Jesus Christ and the disciples of Christ for yourself to see what was hammered on.

  • Aaron Ukodie says:

    Be careful, Redeem Christian Church Holy Ghost attendees lest you fall into idolatry and participate in doctrines and practices of demons.

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