Nigeria v Senegal: Half time score 0-0, Senegal waste penalty

Nigeria v Senegal: Half time score 0-0, Senegal waste penalty

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 5:08 pm

Daniel: saved Nigeria

Daniel: saved Nigeria

Senegal wasted a golden opportunity in the extra minute of the first half when Referee Redouane Jiyed awarded them a penalty after an effort by Nigerian goalkeeper, Emmanuel Daniel,  to pick a ball off a Senegalese attacker’s foot, went awry.

The Nigerian keeper missed the ball, and instead his effort felled down the  Senegalese attacker.

The referee from Morocco blew for a penalty kick. But  Daniel disappointed the Senegalese as he  effectively blocked the low shot, to his left .

The Nigerians had similarly missed an opportunity to register a goal in the 42nd minute as well, but the Senegalese keeper ran out to fend off the dangerous ball, colliding with the Nigerian in the process.

Some highlights of the first half:

Match kicks off at 3pm Senegalese time.

2.30: Nigeria has a long range shot at goal saved by Senegalese keeper

3.25: Another goal move by Kuffre blocked by Senegal.

Nigeria seems to be making more incursions inside Senegal’

10.00:Senegal ‘ s Ismaila on the run towards goal, but had a poor finish as he had a lame shot to the Nigerian keeper.

12.00 : a long ball finds an attacker inside Nigeria’s box, but the Nigerian keeper moves out to avert danger.

16.38: A Senegalese free kick, but Nigerian keeper pushes the ball into the left corner.Corner taken, but no danger.

The Senegalese are mounting more attacks.

18.50 Nigerian foul on the right. Senegal takes it. Effort wasted.

20.00 A Nigerian cross headed out by a Senegalese defender.
23.00 A corner on the left of Nigerian side. Senegal takes, but headed out by Nigeria.

24.00: The Nigerians appear to have the game in control again.
26.00: Senegal shoots at Nigerian goal from afar. But no chance. A Nigerian corner kick follows. It is played too low. Senegalese defender kicks out of danger.

29.00 Senegal tries another long ball at Nigerian goal. No way.

30.00 another Senegal corner.
31. Nigeria on counter attack, ball find a Nigerian player inside the box, but was ruled offside.

First half ends 0-0, with Nigeria missing a golden opportunity to register a goal in the 42nd minute.

Senegal had their own golden  chance in the 45th minute with an ‘unfair’ penalty awarded against Nigeria.

Nigerian keeper saved the kick.

Referee: Redouane Jiyed
1st assistant referee: Berhe O’Michael
2nd assistant: Eldrick Adelaide
Venue: Stade Leopoldo Sedan Senghor , Dakar.

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  • Olovo Obinna says:

    It’s .looking good so far….I just pray they boys gets the better of the host team

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