Germany enters the war against ISIS

Germany enters the war against ISIS

Thursday, November 26, 2015 10:46 pm

Germany's tornado jet: going to war against ISIS

Germany’s tornado jet: going to war against ISIS

Germany on Thursday announced its plan to send Tornado jets and a warship to aid the new international military alliance set on crushing the Islamic State.

The decision to send between four and six reconnaissance jets along with the carrier was made at a meeting on Thursday of senior ministers in Berlin.

Merkel said that the planned military action was a necessary strike against the militant terrorists.

“Staying out of the coalition was not an option for Germany if the country wants to keep the terrorist threat at bay.

“Everyone can see that the problems will come our way if we don’t take care of them in a timely fashion”, she said.

Merkel said in addition to the jets and warship, Germany agreed to deploy aircraft for the refueling of coalition fighter jets, as well as to send satellite reconnaissance.

“It’s not possible to fight Islamic State with words; you have to fight them militarily.

“We have to end the talk and act because of the high value we place on security, and this demands decisive action”, Merkel added.

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