OPC founder, Fasehun quits politics, activism

OPC founder, Fasehun quits politics, activism

Saturday, September 26, 2015 10:42 pm

Frederick Fasehun: Quits politics

Frederick Fasehun: Quits politics

Dr Frederick Fasehun, founder of Oodua Peoples’  Congress announced today his retirement from partisan politics and civil rights activism.

Fasehun who helped to nurture the Unity Party of Nigeria and campaigned for the re-election of former president Goodluck Jonathan,  announced this at his 80th birthday in Lagos.

He  said  henceforth he would like to wear the toga of Elder Statesman.

“I give up placard-carrying; every Nigerian is my brother, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and others.

“ All of us should be committed to bridge-building; henceforth, I will be an advocate of peace to all, he said.

“We have not noticed the possible aspect of change but 100 days is too short. We want Nigerians to be patient; we want to advise President Muhammadu Buhari to concentrate on governance,’’ Fasehun also said.

Fasehun said his birthday  celebration was organised to build bridges as it brought different ethnic groups in Nigeria together.

“Our country needs to be re-organised and that is why I feel very happy that many ethnic nationalities are here because we want to use this opportunity to start bridge-building in this country,“ he said.

Fasehun urged the Federal Government to show commitment to improving education of youths so as to promote unity and curb insecurity.

According to him, we have been agitating for free education at all levels; it is the right of all youths.
‘’Education is the bed rock of national development so all of us must commit ourselves to the education of the youth,’’ he stressed.

He commended  President  Buhari on the fight against corruption but warned against ‘’selective probing’’.

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  • Bankole Okuwa says:

    Dr. Frederick Fasehun, you have come too late to appreciate the fact that you are no longer the National Chairman of the Unity Party of Nigeria. This commentator is Professor Bankole Okuwa; the man who was overwhelmingly voted your successor as the national chairmanship of the UPN on March 7, 2015. You were fully briefed of the result supervised by the INEC but you doggedly went ahead to make the issue a bitter controversy for months despite the fact of the case which you knew so well. Your minions and other mindless loyalists who never appreciate facts and the truth of any situation started calling me on phone to threaten me, but I remain the “Rock of Gibraltar” which cannot be shaken because the true will ultimately prevail.Your declaration that you have reached the end of the road in politicking in Nigeria would have been more honorable, if done at the right time. However,you are most welcome and I personally wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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