Bayelsa Polls: Battle Line is Drawn, Says Dokubo-Asari

Bayelsa Polls: Battle Line is Drawn, Says Dokubo-Asari

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 9:13 pm

Jonathan, right, Dickson and others at the declaration venue

Jonathan, right, Dickson and others at the declaration venue

Ayorinde Oluokun.

Leader of Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujahideen Dokubo-Asari, has vowed that the Ijaw nation will not allow Governor Henry Seriake Dickson and former President Goodluck Jonathan to be disgraced by losing the December 5 gubernatorial election to the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC. Dokubo spoke on Tuesday when Governor Dickson formally declared his intention to seek re-election under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In his words: “We Ijaws don’t run away from our enemies. Jonathan did a lot for all those who have turned against us. This was what the APC defectors did. Nobody, wherever he is, can move the Ijaw nation. We’ve never been conquered, the British knows this fact. This fight is beyond Henry Seriake Dickson, it is beyond you and me, it is for all. He will never be disgraced on December 5. They have boasted that they have control of the Army, INEC, Police, Navy and SSS. But we will meet in the battlefield on Election Day.”

While speaking at the occasion, Governor Dickson vowed that his government will wind up the APC on December 5 when the election would take place. In his declaration held in Yenagaoa, at the popular Samson Siasia Stadium, the governor said even though the opposition is relying on federal might, security agencies and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to assist them to rig election, “Bayelsa has no room for APC.”

The governor’s declaration was attended by senior citizens including ex-President Goodluck Jonathan; former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan; former governor of Bayelsa State and Governor-General of Ijaw land, Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha and 12 PDP governors, led by chairman of PDP Governors Forum and Ondo State governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko. Dickson said, “Having listened to our people and to avoid going back to Egypt, I have decided to announce my formal entry into the Bayelsa State governorship race under the platform of PDP to consolidate on my achievements. I count on you and God. Bayelsa state has no room for APC; the other party has no message for Bayelsans. We don’t even know their officials. The only thing they are relying on is federal might, security agencies and INEC. But we have you (Bayelsa people) and God. The good news is that they cannot win this state; they are not on ground in this state.

He added: “You are here doing your job but they are in Abuja. Some of their factions have become a parastatal of the PDP. We will wind up APC on December 5. I have to reinforce it on your mind that PDP is on ground in Bayelsa State and has been adopted as Ijaw party. “We have driven away operation violence and cultism to operation peace. On the day I made my declaration to seek election, five young men were gunned down to put fear in me because they underestimated us. All the people who are cultists and financiers of violence are in the other side. Those that are maimed, they have abandoned them. You young people should be careful because the only thing they know is violence. Propaganda doesn’t win election; it is the people that win election. We have records of performance; this government (your government) is the government of performance. They win election with bullets, dynamites and bombs. Are you prepared to go back to Egypt? No, Go ye and form restoration groups in your wards and constituencies. This election is not about me, but you and your future. I count on you to protect your destiny and your future.”

Ex-President Jonathan who spoke in Pidgin English, urged Bayelsans not to make the mistake of voting for APC in the governorship election. He underscored his reasons for supporting the re-election of Dickson on Saturday December 5, 2015.
He said: “Dickson wants another four years and I say he should go ahead. Some people are frowning against it saying why should I endorse him. There are four things that worry state governments and they include payment of workers. Dickson has paid workers. The other indebtedness to World Bank. Dickson has tried very well; the third is infrastructural development; the man has also tried. The governor has also tried in the area of security. The problem is that Ijaw people like to betray and sell off their brothers and if we continue in that way, Ijaw will not develop. Let’s allow Dickson to finish the next four years. I believe that if we come together, things will be better. The leadership of PDP has resolved to deliver Dickson in this coming election.”

In his solidarity message, Alamieyeseigha said, “By Gods grace, PDP will continue to rule this state. The Governor has done creditably well and we know that you will take us to the next level. All Bayelsans should come and vote for our Governor on that victory day.”

Governor Okusegun Mimiko, said the APC had tried to humiliate Jonathan, but they failed because God was on his side, going by what they planned. He told Jonathan: “God has used you to continue to keep Nigeria together. One of the issues we discussed was the invasion of Akwa Ibom State Government House. Everybody knows that it won’t happen under Jonathan’s government. Those who demonised PDP in the past are in PDP; about 90 per cent of all those in APC were in one way or the other in PDP in the past. The PDP under Jonathan demonstrated vision for our country. We’re proud of the investments of Governor Dickson in education; you have restored the dignity of Ijaw man. The Ijaw people should stand by you to consolidate on your achievements. Ijaw people gave Nigerians the opportunity for the Presidency.”

The Speaker, Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Hon. Konbowei Friday Benson said, “If you (Bayelsans) cannot deliver your constituencies and wards, the leadership of the PDP has resolved that you will be suspended.”

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