I am doing it for Africa, says Helen Mukoro eyeing Spanish presidency

I am doing it for Africa, says Helen Mukoro eyeing Spanish presidency

Friday, September 4, 2015 5:40 pm

Helen Mukoro: this is for Africa

Helen Mukoro: this is for Africa

A Nigerian woman  eyeing  the presidency of Spain has said she is in the race to draw attention to Africa and to earn respect for Africans.

In an interview with TheNEWS on Friday, Helen, 45 years old , said she is giving the ambition all it deserves, doing sensitisation among the Spanish people and the over six million immigrants living in the country.

“We are working  very hard. We have started the sensitisation work. Our objective is not just to win. Even if we can get just a seat in Congress, it is a big achievement”, said Helen  who compares her efforts with that of Barack Obama in the United States, the African-American, who defied the odds to win the US presidency in 2008.

Helen also sees herself as a pioneer in Obama’s mould and rates her chances very high. “I believe we are going to win the votes of 6 million immigrants in the country who have the right to vote and the votes of millions of other Spanish people by the time we start campaign”, she said.

“I am doing this for Africa. I am trying to open the doors to Africans in Europe, because there has not been any African vying for the highest office in Europe”.

The 2015 Spanish general election would hold on or before Sunday, December the 20th, 2015

#HelenMukoro, a Delta state-born  lawyer migrated to the country in 1992 , when she was 23.

Her party platform  is  Union De Todos, which she formed a year ago.

Last May, Helen ran for the post of  Mayor of Denia,  a province of 45,000 people in Alicante near Valencia. She lost but the campaign brought her to prominence in Spanish politics.

Helen has many academic qualifications. She  holds a Masters degree in Criminology, Masters degree in Social Education, among others.


On her website, she describes herself as a Spanish Politician, Writer, Legal Consultant and Forensic Expert.

She was born in Delta state, Nigeria to Mr Anthony Mukoro (the late Director General of the defunct Bendel State Government Treasury’s Cash Office, and Mrs Mary Mukoro & Apkomudjere (a retired Civil Servant. Governor’s Office, Delta State, Nigeria).

Her party, Union de Todos, simply means, Union All.

The party describes itself as  a national political party founded on respect for human dignity, work, solidarity, where the public interest prevails. A party with social, business, cultural, democratic, participatory, pluralist, pacifist and environmentalist.” It plans to present its agenda to the Spanish people on 23 September. Helen is the party’s secretary.

In May this year, Helen earned the rebuke of the Igbo General Assembly following her statement that the Igbo are the people bringing Nigeria’s name into disrepute in Spain and that all Nigerians in Spanish jails are Igbo.


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  • New Nigerian says:

    Way to go..make it about Spain and Spanish though, if you indeed want to mould after Obama…Obama won because his message resonated with Americans not African Americans only or Immigrant Americans only…Make it about Spain and reflect the uniquely Nigerian way of compassion, education and doing the right thing, in essence distill whatever uniqueness your background and experience can bring to solving Spanish numerous problems …in a way that the ordinary wo/ man on the street anywhere in spain can identify with and the sky is the limit. Good Luck!

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