NSA Dasuki accused of plotting to rig for Jonathan

NSA Dasuki accused of plotting to rig for Jonathan

Saturday, March 14, 2015 10:09 am

Governor Aliyu Wammako: accuses NSA Sambo Dasuki of plotting to rig polls for Jonathan

Governor Aliyu Wammako: accuses NSA Sambo Dasuki of plotting to rig polls for Jonathan

Governor Aliyu Wamakko, said that the Peoples Democratic Party plans to induce returning officers through the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki to rig the forth coming general elections in the north western states of Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara.

Wammako spoke Friday in Sokoto while receiving members of the Savannah Centre Council of the Wise led by its Coordinator, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari who paid him a courtesy visit.

He said that the people will resist the planned rigging.

” We had uncovered plots by the National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.) in connivance with former Governor Attahiru Bafarawa, to induce some university dons who would serve as returning officers to rig the March 28 presidential poll in Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara States in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He alleged that the NSA held a secret meeting with the university dons few days ago in the three states in a bid to induce them so that they would announce the results of the presidential poll even before the conclusion of the election.

” We are battle ready as we will resist any act capable of forcing unpopular leader on us ” he said.

Wamakko alleged that Dasuki’s sinister plots for the three states was to justify the position he occupies and the money collected from the presidency.

•Dasuki: fingered in poll rigging plot

•Dasuki: fingered in poll rigging plot

“Let me tell you frankly that just last few days, the NSA came to Sokoto and he was in Kebbi because he is trying to justify that he is working for Jonathan.

“He went extra mile to consult with some university lecturers who are going to serve as returning officers in Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara States that when the election is going on, they should go ahead and announce the result and they will be given military and police protection.

“And whatever happens, he does not care. So, I want this council and Nigerians to be aware that whatever that will happen in these three states, Dasuki should be held responsible.

“He came personally and made these plans in connivance with Bafarawa and a former minister so that results are going to be announced even before the election is finished. They are people who do not wish this country well,” he said.

He stated that the wanton killings in the North-east was enough to warrant the resignation of all the service chiefs including the NSA.

Wamakko accused Jonathan of desperation to remain in power at all costs and likened him to former Ivorien President, Laurent Gbagbo.

“I have to say this before you that there is a grand design by the PDP because they know they will not win the forth coming general election.

Speaking earlier, Gambari called on Nigerians to vote according to their conscience.

He said that good leaders will only emerged through the people’s wish and called on the electorate to desist from all kinds of violence so as to ensure the conduct of a free fair and transparent election.

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  • Chuck Ghainard says:

    So called political rallys in Nigeria never address problems afflicting the people like
    ” it will be a punishable offence for any trader to hawk their wares in the middle of the street thereby denying law abiding citizen a right of way”. In Nigeria traders routinely set up their stand in the middle of the street thereby obstructing traffic. This does not happen in civilized countries.
    “It will be a punishable offence for a commercial enterprise, restaurant or gas station to not maintain a toilet in hygienic condition for public use” This will reduce the profligate practice by Nigerians of emptying their bladder and bowels on the side walk in full view of everyone. It will reduce a lot of communicable diseases. Nigerian statesmen don’t see such nonsense when they are abroad.
    “We will disband the Nigeria Police” . We will set up regional police academys to train police uniformly and allow Local Government Areas to fund hire and fire their own protective force who will answer only to the people and not anyone off site. The Nigeria Police was set up by the British to police the natives and report to them not the people. The current structure of the Nigeria Police Force is responsible in large measure for corruption that is rampant and intractable in Nigeria.
    There are a lot of wholesale changes that have to be done in Nigeria to make it a country which upholds the dignity of human beings. However what you hear is accusation and counter accusation not policy statements. Everyone is so bereft of self esteem that they have to precede their names with titles… Engr. so and so…… Arch. this and that….. Chief soma this, soma that….everyone trying hard to appear more than who they are for no reason than to defraud.

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