Summon courage to advise your wife, group tells Jonathan

Summon courage to advise your wife, group tells Jonathan

Saturday, March 7, 2015 8:02 am

Dame Patience Jonathan

Dame Patience Jonathan

The supporters of All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) have advised President Goodluck Jonathan to immediately call his wife, Patience Jonathan to order against the backdrop of her incessant attacks and unguarded commentary on Buhari.

The supporters of Buhari were reacting to a widely reported statement credited to Patience Jonathan that ‎the brain of Buhari is dead

Patience Jonathan made the statement on Tuesday during a PDP women presidential campaign rally in Kogi State.

At a press conference addressed in Ondo state’s capital, Akure by the Coordinator of Buhari Vanguard in Ondo State, Kayode Fakuyi, the group said, “to say the least, the statement is less than intellectual, unguarded, provocative and an unnecessary distraction”.

“We are quite concerned about the statement credited to Mrs Jonathan that our leader and presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has dead brain. On the same day during the PDP women presidential campaign rally in Kogi State, Mrs Jonathan made other offensive and condemnable comments about GMB that are too awful to be quoted. To say the least, the statement is less than intellectual, unguarded, provocative and ‎an unnecessary distration.

“Even though Nigerians have been made to assume that President Goodluck Jonathan cannot control his wife, we advise Mr. President to summon the courage to call his wife to order.

“The ignominious statement made by Mrs. Jonathan has caused embarrassment to Buhari and his family, his followers, the APC family and vast majority of Nigerians but we are relieved that Nigerians have condemned the statement both at various homes and on the social media.

“A Nigerian on social media asked how someone with undisputable intellectual uprightness to fight corruption for over 40years ‎be regarded as a man with no brain by a no-brainer? While another Nigerian simply dismissed the statement as one from a blockhead.

“For us, we will not reply insults with insults. Mrs Jonathan is not an issue in this presidential campaign so we won’t join issues with her. At best, Mrs Jonathan is just a distraction.

Importantly, since she can’t deny the ignominious statement, Mrs Jonathan should retract it and apologise‎ to Gen Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians.

“Nigerians know the raison d’etre why Mrs Jonathan and co are terrified about a Muhammadu Buhari presidency. The trite and boring message of Mrs Jonathan campaign all over the country is that women should vote for her husband because Mr President has made women ministers of many ministries.

“Mrs Jonathan should tell Nigerians if the boring message of her campaign is worth the tax payers’ money she‎ has deployed to fly all over the country and spent in organising her campaign rallies?

“As good as the message seems, Nigerian women have seen deceit in the trite and boring message of Mrs Jonathan that her husband has made women the ministers of many ministries. We ask: of what benefit is the message to a hairdresser in Owo who needs to pay exorbitant fee for epileptic power supply and increased fee for petrol that is readily unavailable? Of what benefit is the message to a fish seller who lives in Akure and made to bear the burden of marginal cost of transportation from Akure to Igbokoda where she buys fish? Of what importance is the message to women who live in Igbotako who have not seen or enjoy power supply for over 1 year? Of what sense is the message to women who have been pauperised by the anti-people policies of this government? Certainly, women who struggle to eat thrice in 24 hours wouldn’t derive any succour from Mrs Jonathan’s campaign message.

“The Shepopotamus must be stopped from dancing naked at the market square”, apologies to Professor Wole Soyinka.

“The 2015 presidential election is about two alternatives: continuity and change. Nigerians have the opportunity ‎to either vote for continuity of corruption, bad economy and insecurity or vote change that will herald a peaceful and prosperous country.”

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  • New Nigerian says:

    This is a well written peace. However I believe that APC made the correct read by sending the case to the ICC. It is a deep iceberg issue and a pointer to the psychology of public service from the Jonathans.
    My take –
    “First Lady” of Goodluck Jonathan household is headed to the international court of justice for goading the country to war and in that respect Goodluck Jonathan is headed to the ICC – and guaranteed, the genocide in Northern Nigeria funded through the 400,000 barrels of crude oil stolen daily by the Jonathans would be added to the crime against humanity that the couple are engrossed in – which by the way can only be halted through a peaceful election that is credible, free and fair.

    I recall the swearing in of Yaradua and Jonathan (as the VP) and some statements that Patience made at the swearing ceremony – it was the first peak to the discerning that we were up for some rough times – summarily she was saying how the show was all about Yaradua and how Jonathan, herself and her people were not given enough VIP treatment. I recalled thinking wow! should this person not focus on the positive event of the day and how being number 2 in a country of 165million is a big deal….fast forward she must have been the one goading Jonathan into all these craziness, “manning him up” to convert all these resources through the thugs – same way she was the one moving all the money across borders for him wen he was governor…her role in bringing Tompolo-Dokubo into the 2 contracts that essentially diverts about 30% of our crude oil from source – through a massive operation that goes on daily – and explained away as “theft” need to be looked at…..for what we know the delta is the peaceful part of the country….not the war ravaged part – so what sort of theft is it that oil tankers comes into our territorial waters, stay until their hold is filled with crude it 400,000 barrels every day since 2011 an they go and sell them wherever they have arranged deals – and the president is sitting and telling us it is being stolen…this is the wayo, that Jonathan and his wife have played on Nigerians – keeping us busy by killing 34,000 Nigerians and displacing millions while daily carting away all our resources….think about this, as I type the operations is still going on….and at the end of today, about 450,000 barrels …maybe more now to make up for the shortfall in oil price is being pumped into tankers for Jonathan and his wife….more than $60billions have been realized by these two so far….and this is why Dokubo said Jonathan must contest, because if he is no longer in power the spigot for the diversion definitely would be turned off, right…well if he is in power, there are contracts in place to ensure that this continue until 2022. And hence the international angle to this – who are the buyers of these 400,000 barrels per day of oil? These are the people linking Boko Haram to ISIS in the press – to scare Nigerians and the world into permanent distraction from the real robbery which is being used to fund Boko haram – an invading militia committing genocide on Northern Nigerians aided and abetted by the evil lust of the Jonathans.

    For the avoidance of doubt, if Mrs. Jonathan is calling on violence on the opposition, is anyone in doubt as to what they are planning to do on election day using the Nigerian Military? It is on record that Boko Haram was distributing leaflets in the North East – a place where the people would vote 100% for the opposition that people should not vote, that if people go to the polls they would be attacked – an echo of what Dokubo said in the South-South that anyone who votes for the opposition would be dealt with? So is anyone still in doubt that Jonathan is using violence to perpetuate himself in power through Boko Haram, Dokubo, his wife, the military….and why…just so he can continue to rob the country….Nigerians are being goaded to violence and ICC and the world should take note of the supreme patience being exercised by Nigerians.

    What to do now – Jonathan would try to remove Jega and frustrate the free, fair and credible elections. The UN, EU, USA and all member countries of the UN should freeze the assets of Jonathans and his principal officers down to the ward level, if he makes the move to remove Jega. The elected representative of the opposition should make a formal request to the UN to send in election experts to supervise the elections with Jega as the consultant. The people should hold their peace, with draw from street and shut down the government. My advise to everyone is to stockpile food, water and essential commodities that would last the next 3 months, as The Jonathans have shown sign that they would plunge the country into the abyss and this must be stopped by all of us. We have done this before. We are tough people and we would do it again. May God Bless the people of this great country and Bless our land.

  • She doesn’t need to apologize to nigerians because nothing cursing nigerians in Buhari matter and is a freedom of speech

  • Chuck Ghainard says:

    Buhari summon courage to admit that you had a hard time with Arithmetic. Summon courage to admit that you did not qualify for officer candidate school and that you have gotten ahead in life without requisite qualification. BUHARI summon courage to admit that you plan to propose Sharia for all of Nigeria.

  • Enumah says:

    I laughed at the opposition when i see this report. Why are they throwing tantrum?.. Wasn’t it Amaechi who referred the President as a corrupt man?. Who has called his filty tongues to order?.

  • nwaeke says:

    Then they should call Lai Mohammed, Amaechi, Tinubu and the rest of the knuckle head park back to order.

  • Etega says:

    Dem neva see nothing.. Patience show dem the koko

  • Emeka215 says:

    Summon courage and swallow the same bitter pills you serve APC.

  • Samuel Orji says:

    Just a taste of their medicine and they are complaining. Ride on our first lady.

  • Destiny Whyte says:

    Let APC taste what they have being doing to our President. u do i do u God no vex.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu says:

    APC are insulting our president no body said anything but when Nigeria first lady defend husband and attack the opposition, now people are asking the husband to talk to her. Nonsense.

  • Everything jona , na wa oh, madam patience nothing do you, after all they say behind every great man there is a woman.

  • Esohe Akhigbe says:

    mama peshy, do your thing if dem like make dem talk. but take am easy sha.

  • Ola Smith says:

    Its part of the campaign, APC shouldnt be scared of a woman.

  • emmanuel says:

    Mrs Jonathan ride on with your campaign

  • kemi says:

    leave the president alone and do your own campaign

  • uzo says:

    apc advice yourself first

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