'Keep your dollars': South West muslim leaders snub Jonathan

'Keep your dollars': South West muslim leaders snub Jonathan

Monday, March 2, 2015 2:55 pm

Jamiu Yisa

Muslim Leaders and Imams in western Nigeria on Sunday shunned an invitation to meet with President Goodluck Jonathan at Ansarudeen Central Mosque, Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

A source said the Muslim leaders, who pointedly told Jonathan to keep his dollars, rejected the invitation because such a meeting with the President could polarise and create disunity among Muslims across geo-political divide.

Jonathan greets supporters on arrival in Lagos on Saturday

Jonathan greets supporters on arrival in Lagos on Saturday

The source who was privy to a phone conference meeting at the instance of the Secretary General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, stated that the Muslim leaders argued that since Muslim leaders countrywide turned down the President’s earlier proposed meeting proposed with them, it would be a betrayal for Muslims in the southwest to separately meet Jonathan.

Professor Ishaq Akintola, Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) wondered why the President, who never sent invitation to meet them before, is now eager to meet Muslims a few weeks to election.

Akintola said President Jonathan has always ignored the plea of Muslims for fairness and justice in appointments to top political positions.

According to him, “President Jonathan neglected and marginalised us in the past. Why is it now that he wants to meet us? If he wants to meet us, he should wait till after the election, not now. We don’t want his dollars.”

President Jonathan has been meeting with various ethno-religious leaders and socio-cultural groups in the southwest to solicit their support for his re-election.

During such meetings dubbed ‘dollar fest’ by a section of the social media, Jonathan allegedly doled out thousands of dollars which run into billions of naira to the invitees.

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  • Chuck Ghainard says:

    Mr or Ms truth teller… Christians convert by persuation. Sunni Moslems convert by persecution. The rule of law should trump religion. The material benefits of corruptin will always overshadow the superficial benefits of faith. Nigerians know what side of their bread is buttered. They stand together in wanton corruption fueled and spear headed by Northern Nigeria Sunni Moslems.

  • Chuck Ghainard says:

    What more beautiful words exists in the human narrative than these three words …” In Sha Allah”. If it be the will of God. Peace be unto the Prophet and to the earthlings who follow his teachings. Likewise may they be cursed all who pervert his teachings.. I studied prelaw at ABU. I am a Christian. I was born in Barnawa Kaduna. My name is Chali Dan Inusa For Charles son.of Innocent Yes my father’s name is Innocent. My father allowed me to sit with my moslem friends after school in koranic class because they were never available for play after school until after karatun Alo or koranic class. Here in America I own an English version of the Koran. As a Christian I love Islam. Unless you read the Koran you will never have any idea how this beautiful religion guides human behavior and relationship with God… Allah and fellow man. Say after me…..Bismi llahi rahmanI Raheem” ….. in the name of God most gracious most merciful. I love Islam…. I hate the people who have perverted it. I hate how Islam has been hijacked in the middle east by a supposedly elite few who leave a majority of the working class in penury. I hate Islamic practitioners in Nigeria who have use islam to secure political advantage and have continued to this day to promulgate economic legislation that benefit a few and leave millions of my countrymen in penury.. My name is Charles Ugwumba Biafran Army #211373. As a US citizen I will retire in a few years. I have no premium on my life. I will return to Nigeria to fight moslem extremism and the abuse of rights manifested year in and year out by Sunni mongrels who convert by persecution and embezzle as a right. Bet on it.. To my countrymen I say “Be strong and resolute… neither fear nor dread them”.. Bibi Netanyahu

  • TruthTeller says:

    Bimbo, you are not the only person who feels the way you do! I’m a Christian myself, but I stand totally ashamed at the actions of the leaders of the Church in the country! The shameful pursuit of money – stolen money at that – has left a terrible scratch of the image of the Church in this nation. As at now, CAN has almost become an appendage of the PDP as a function of money-induced blindness that now troubles the body. Aside a few Christian leaders from the Catholic section and some upright Pentecostal pastors, virtually all our leaders have gone after the error of Balaam! It’s a shame! These Muslim leaders are actually acting with their senses intact. The decorum and decency they employ in their reaction to GEJ’s futile and useless invitation are, for me, worthy of emulation by the Church of Christ in Nigeria!

  • bimbo says:

    They are better and more respected that their fellow christian leaders. Afterall, i am a christian.

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