Buhari more competent than Jonathan: Obasanjo

Buhari more competent than Jonathan: Obasanjo

Saturday, February 14, 2015 1:28 pm

Obasanjo:rates Buhari ahead of Jonathan in leadership

Obasanjo:rates Buhari ahead of Jonathan in leadership

Are there still doubts about former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s favourite candidate for Nigeria’s presidential election on 28 March? Or doubts about the candidate he has endorsed?

Obasanjo has thrashed the doubts by declaring today that General Muhammadu Buhari is more competent and well equipped to tackle the corruption,recklessness and impunity that has eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigeria, than President Goodluck Jonathan.

In London, at the launch of his book, My Watch, Obasanjo has described the handling of Nigeria by Jonathan as ‘mediocre’.

Obasanjo said today that he believes in the leadership of Buhari more than anybody at this present time,asking Nigerians not to compare the military era to the democratic system.

According to him,”I believe General Buhari will fight corruption,he will give firm leadership. When he was there before,he was a military and military leader is both the executive and the legislative but in democracy,it is not possible like that.

“Moreover, since the military has been rendered impotent, I believe he will do everything to rescusitate it because he knows the military well,so he will do it,if he fails to do it, I will say shame unto him.”

Obasanjo appealed to President Jonathan not to listen to those who are creating a phobia of Buhari and a phobia of enquiry,adding that the President should rather have a dignified exit which will bring him acclaim as a patriot and true democrat.

He also appealed to the APC Presidential candidate, General Muhammed Buhari to ensure that after the election,which he believes Buhari will win, he should find a way to allay the fears of many who see him as a threat in the area of human rights and obedience of our constitution and rule of law.

Obasanjo tasked every Nigerian to play his part in the progress and development of this great country.

“For me I would not stop. There is nothing better than democracy. And for those who are pushing President Jonathan,he should beware because when the chips are down,he will be naked and they will mock him at the end. I wish President Goodluck Jonathan,General Muhammadu Buhari and every Nigerian well,” the former President concluded.

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  • mzt says:

    You’re the one who is in denial and unwise. This is what is called wisdom!!! AND STATESMANSHIP. If you’re still in doubt and I believe, you’re one of those who had thought, Nigeria can’t be fixed. Corruption is part and parcel of Nigeria’s life and we should all be corrupt. Now you and your kinsmen who have been perpetuating the evil are paranoid about the obvious fate that awaits you loose power or should Buhari wins. Well, let me tell you, you better come out and be on the good part of history. I ve not been a fan of either Buhari or Obasanjo from antecedants. Afterall, OBJ brought Yar’adua who was chronically ill and Jonathan who knows nothing about Nigeria talkless about its Politics and governance. You may not like this, but the result is what is happening today. Only the very few whom he has been appeasing or allowing them to steal at will is not enough to save him, let alone secure him a second term. This singular act of courage by OBJ to cross party line and endorse Buhari will forever go down in the history of democracy not only in Nigeria or Africa, but World history books of Democratic process and patriotism. OBJ has said and done it again. Whether Buhari wins or looses, it wont change this record. It was courage and statesmanship that made him take a stand. We should applaud and not castigate him.

  • chi dan says:

    he is a demented old man

  • ALANI says:

    Obasho is really showing off his age. Senile Dementia does not recognize your political stand.
    I beg you guys, be lenient with baba.
    Even Buhari knows it is finished. We’ll send him back to Daura with National thanksgiving.

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