Banks in 30 countries lose $300ml to cyber thieves

Banks in 30 countries lose $300ml to cyber thieves

Saturday, February 14, 2015 11:08 pm

An ATM: Hackers could force the machine to dispense cash at specific times

An ATM: Hackers could force the machine to dispense cash at specific times

A sophisticated global cyberattack struck more than 100 banks in 30 countries stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Citing a soon to be released report from computer security company Kaspersky Lab, the newspaper said the attack involved malicious software that gave hackers long-term access to banking systems.

A group of Russians, Chinese and Europeans was able to siphon off around $300 million in one of the world’s largest bank robberies, the report said.

The money was transferred to bank accounts around the world in small-value amounts to avoid detection.

Hackers largely focused on banks in Russia, but millions of dollars were also taken from banks in Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States as well, the Times said.

Hackers had such advanced access to the banks’ systems that they could force ATM machines to dispense cash at specific times and locations where hackers could pick it up.

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  • dutyinthepool says:

    Gates developed a software program and sold it to microsoft, that never was safe or would be safe and the world bought it ,unfinished full of back doors, on a swiss cheese platform. Blame banks and IT’s and web engineers ,programmers and the entire cabal ,for the incompetence and sloppy hindsight ! Security now has corporations chasing their tails …oops too late ! now brace yourselves for the angry armed mobs heading your way to level your companies , your banks and your friday afternoon cocktail hours ! Ever wonder why Bank of America ,”a zombie” bank, is laying off thousands, or why Ovomit the Hun cannot account for 23 trillion tax dollars that disappeared during his 1st two yrs in the Oval Office? Sheeple all of you believing that your money is safe in banks that have already spent your deposit before you leave the parking lot……FDIC was already way over extended before this incident, and that is the reason why you may only see 20% or less refunded to you , with a major dollar collapse,or a theft of this magnitude that will be followed by something much bigger.!!!!

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