All smiles as Jonathan meets Osinbajo at RCCG Holy Ghost night

All smiles as Jonathan meets Osinbajo at RCCG Holy Ghost night

Saturday, February 7, 2015 3:00 pm

President Goodluck Jonathan attended the February Holy Ghost night of the Redeemed Christian Church of God at the Redemption Camp on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on Friday night.

One of the big pastors of the Church is Professor Yemi Osinbajo, vice-presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, seeking to end Jonathan’s reign as Nigeria’s leader.

Expectedly, everyone who witnessed the president’s handshake with Osinbajo all break out in broad smiles.

One can only imagine what’s going in their minds, behind the smiles.

Osinbajo and Jonathan had met before in the Banana Island, Lagos branch of the church two years ago, when Jonathan came to worship with Pa Adeboye. Osinbajo is the pastor of the church.

President Jonathan meets APC Vice-Presidential candidate at the RCCG February Holy Ghost night on Friday. State House Photo

President Jonathan meets APC Vice-Presidential candidate at the RCCG February Holy Ghost night on Friday. State House Photo

Jonathan being received by Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Jonathan being received by Pastor Enoch Adeboye

The Adeboyes with President Jonathan

The Adeboyes with President Jonathan

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  • chinwe says:

    GJ is still the president till May 29. Were you expecting Osibanjo not to shake him? Osibanjo is a VP candidate and a born again child of God and will not do what is not lawful.

  • chinwe says:

    Pls which part of the country is that so that I cash relocate?

  • daughter of the I am that I am says:

    Fellow Nigerians, let your eyes be open. Jonathan rule for 6 years yet no significant positive difference in Nigeria, now during election making sweet promises of job, to me he is a wicked soul. that means you know what Nigerian needs and you did not do it. remember during the last time of Buhari and Idiagbon within those few months , Nigeria, recorded change and Nigerian see change. If daddy G.O. does not live holy but just profess holiness, do you think heaven or men will recognize him as such? standing with men of God does not qualifies you. As one of Daddy`s message said if you are not worthy of anointing by God and Man anoints you ,Anointing oil can work against you. God have interest in Nigeria !!!!!!!

  • daughter of the I am that I am says:

    this is the first time i will see someone seating between mommy and daddy G.O. Jonathan, so far, if Nigerians do not think you have done good enough job, be a good sportsman and let it be.Remember the post is not hereditary. I pray the Lord of host will have mercy on Nigerians as he heard the cry of the Israelite, he will hear the cry of Nigerians and raise a Moses at this time in Jesus name.

  • Omoareago says:

    Political gimmick, where was that for the past six year. Where are the innocent girls of Shibol, where is boroham took, where are the jobs for the millions of unemployed Nigerians. Light sha, political gimmick. One relief Nigerians forget suffering.

  • Omoareago says:

    He is so dump he is thanking human being rather than thank God. It just shows how he values man more than God. GEJ you are in the church, recognize God first before man.

  • alex hunye says:

    You either work in Nigeria during the day and sleep in Paris at night

  • Enumah says:

    If you’re a frequent traveler, you may have started noticing the railway lines on the road. That is President Jonathan’s effort to ease the stress of transportation for the common man – and make business activities smoother. When it’s finally completed, traffic hold-up will disappear, and of course lots of job. These and more, i don’t think Nigerians are ready to trade for dictatorship.

  • Nwaobilor says:

    President Jonathan’s effort to make power (aka. NEPA light) constant is where most Nigerians are already beginning to see results. I now sleep with NEPA light almost every night.

  • Etega says:

    Osinbajo i dey smile you. Cos Oga Jona victory go b one blow seven ogor

  • Kufere says:

    Osinbajo is an unbelievable stooge being puppeted by the Opposition. Is so sad that such a good man is put to waste.

  • nwaeke says:

    That’s a smile of victory already

  • Ola Smith says:

    He who fights and runaway,will surely settle another day.i didnt expect other wise from Mr president carry on sir. 2015 till 2019

  • To a level having the churches involved may create a different path,eye brows were raised when they saw osibanjo as the APC vice president candidate. well goodluck is the bigger man. way passed the fussing.

  • ahmed says:

    From the look on osinbanjo’s face as if he has realized buhari lied to him..he really wants to join Nigerians and vote for GEJ…sorry dude, your guilt makes no difference #GEJ win na #GODWIN

  • nafisat says:

    When you meet a man who deserves respect and admiration for his performance as president…you shake him with two hands…GEJ is president till 2019.

  • uko bassey says:

    A good man…our good president…my very own GEJ.

  • Samuel Orji says:

    Keep smiling at your enemies Mr. President

  • Destiny Whyte says:

    Smiling is good for the body, keeping smiling Mr. President

  • Coded says:

    Nigeria is moving forward

  • Akpan Itam says:

    GEJ doesn’t have any option than to smile, because he knows he’ll remain #GodWin *winks*

  • Dafe Sonia says:

    Complete politician. May God see you through IJN #GEJ

  • Nwagu Sunday says:

    Decent man. God will definitely see you through. #GEJ

  • ubong ekanem says:

    Thank you mr president for seeking the face of the most high

  • Uncle Charlie says:

    Perfect gentleman at all times. Nice picture by the way GEJ2015

  • zacchaeus Akinleye says:

    You’re disconnected from reality. Madam Ogar of the DSS is constantly harassing journalists and opposition figures on behalf of the PDP. In the democratic space you are free to seek recourse from the courts if your rights are trampled upon.

  • chi dan says:

    GEJ is a nice guy, there is so much freedom of speech in nigeria that the opposition can insult just anybody and be still free. my fear is if the opposition wins all this freedom will be lost. we have seen it before under OBJ and BUHA. naija make we no make mistake o, vote GEJ

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