APC party of 'irredeemable anarchists', says PDP

APC party of 'irredeemable anarchists', says PDP

Saturday, December 27, 2014 9:58 pm


Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party on Saturday in Abuja threw its weight behind President Goodluck Jonathan on his advice to politicians against inflammatory statements ahead of the 2015 general elections.

It fired also another missile at the leading opposition party, the All Progressives Congress, describing it as a party of ‘irredeemable anarchists’, determined to break and divide the people.

In a statement issued by Mr Olisa Metuh, the PDP National Publicity Secretary, the party described Jonathan’s advice as a “perfect act in nationalism’’.

“It is the mark of a true leader who is committed to the interest and welfare of the nation and her citizens.’’ 

The PDP urged politicians “to heed this caution, show decency, patriotism and shun the do-or-die quest for power’’.

It said Jonathan “has shown as always, that he is a committed national patriotic leader and a decent politician.’’

The party said the President had also showed that he was a lover of a united, stable and prosperous Nigeria and a champion of the integrity of the nation’s electoral process.

The PDP called on Nigerians and lovers of democracy to be vigilant and close ranks to ensure that the enemies of the nation do not have their way.

According to the PDP, “it is the height of hypocrisy that the APC, known for making inflammatory and divisive statements would turn round to point a finger of guilt at the President.

“It is indeed unfortunate that instead of retracing their steps, as all well-meaning citizens would have done under the circumstance, the APC, in their desperation, went ahead to justify their unguarded statements with renewed personal attack on the President.



Alhaji Lai Mohammed: APC spokesman.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed: APC spokesman.

“By refusing to heed calls by patriotic Nigerians including the President to shed their penchant for inciting statements, and for showing no remorse over the fact that their statements fuel violence and insurgency, the APC has again confirmed that it is a party of unpatriotic elements on a mission to destroy our country.

“This has further confirmed that APC is a party of determined and irredeemable anarchists; a tool in the hands of enemies of our dear nation whose agenda is to divide the people and break up the nation for their selfish interests.

“Nigerians can now see the real reason the APC has been attacking, not only the Presidency but also key institutions of government, including the National Assembly, the judiciary, INEC as well as the military and other security forces. For the APC, every institution that represents or protects the unity of the nation must be attacked, weakened and ultimately destroyed.”

The PDP said this was the agenda behind the move by the APC to politicise the military and other security agencies, including the DSS and the Police.

“Nigerians were shocked and we find it very absurd that the leadership of the APC justified the unhealthy comments by the Director General of the Presidential Campaign Organisation of the APC and Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who came under the cloak of fake populism to attempt to politicise the military.

“While some people thought that Amaechi was alone in an attention-seeking stunt, the justification by the APC has clearly shown that he was pursing his party’s ignoble agenda, which is to drag the military into the political arena, destroy its unity and professionalism and ultimately weaken it ahead of their plot to unleash mayhem in the country by forming a parallel government after they must have lost the 2015 Presidential election,” it said.

The party stated that the indivisibility of the nation is non-negotiable.

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  • New Nigerian says:

    Metuh – you keep lobbing all these names hoping one would stick…why don’t you focus on explaining why you believe Nigerians should renew PDP’s lease on Aso Rock as Nigeria’s next president? You come across as pitiful as you desperately try to tar up the opposition….and in the process you show that you have nothing wholesome to give yourself….stop whining about PDP being called out on what we all know and get ready to leave the stage as change is God willing coming to Abuja.

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