Another woman accuses Bill Cosby of rape

Another woman accuses Bill Cosby of rape

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 8:15 am

Dickinson: made the new allegation

Dickinson: made the new allegation

A fresh allegation of rape against US comedian, Bill Cosby surfaced last night as a new woman came forward with claims that he drugged and raped her.

She is supermodel Janice Dickinson, according to Mail Online report today.

Dickinson revealed in an interview that Cosby invited her to dinner to discuss a role on The Cosby Show, offering her a glass of wine and a pill she thought was for her cramps.

That is one of the last things she remembers of the evening, the report said.

‘The next morning I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas, and I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man,’ she told Entertainment Tonight.

Bill Cosby: new rape allegation

Bill Cosby: new rape allegation

‘I remember waking up with my pajamas off and there was semen in between my legs.’

Dickinson says her last memory of the night was of Cosby taking off his robe and climbing on top of her, and that the next morning she remembers ‘a lot of pain.’

The supermodel claims the incident occurred in Lake Tahoe, California in 1982.

She says she is coming forward now though because she believes the other victims who have spoken publicly, and that it is the ‘right thing to do.’

This comes as a third women, Joan Tarshis, came forward and alleged that she was drugged and raped twice by Cosby in Los Angeles back in 1969.

She called him a ‘very, very sick man who needs help.’

Another of Cosby’s accusers, Barbara Bowman, told MailOnline she was just 17 when he ‘brainwashed me into viewing him as a father figure, and then assaulted me multiple times.’

Cosby, who refuses to comment on the allegations, did settle a civil suit in 2006 with another woman over an alleged incident two years prior.

His lawyer John P. Schmitt has said the fact that the allegations are being repeated ‘does not make them true.’

*originally reported by Mail Online

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