Boko Haram: Council of state, defence chief say everything is well

Boko Haram: Council of state, defence chief say everything is well

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 12:21 am

Funeral prayers for Members of the Shiite community bombed on Monday in Yobe state

Funeral prayers for Members of the Shiite community bombed on Monday in Yobe state

President Goodluck Jonathan got some comforting words today from Nigeria’s most senior military officer and the National Council of State about the Boko Haram unceasing insurgency and criticisms by political opponents that his government has not done enough to check what analysts consider to be the greatest danger to Nigeria’s territorial space.

The Council of State, against the stark reality on the ground- the escalating Boko haram attacks and the seizure of more towns, the non-release of 219 Chibok schoolgirls and many others captured recently, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing efforts of the nation’s security agents toward combating insurgency and terrorism across the country.

And Air Marshal Alex Badeh, whose hometown has been annexed by Boko Haram refuted the general impression held by Nigerians about the alarming success of the insurgents, in the way they annex Nigerian territory. Badeh said: “Nigeria is not under siege of terrorists and insurgents.”

Only on Monday and even on Tuesday, political leaders from the three states under the relentless attacks of Boko Haram, drew attention to the worsening situation and the fall out, the thousands of Nigerians being forced to flee their homes to avoid certain deaths in the hands of the insurgents. Business owners, both in Nigeria and neighbouring nations of Chad and Niger, have also spoken about how the insurgency has ruined their businesses.

But emerging from the National Council of State meeting in Abuja today, Gov. Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state declared the standpoint of the body by giving the president a lot of kudos on his handling of the Boko Haram affair.

He said the council was briefed by the National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (Rtd.), on the current war on insurgency and explanations were given on the issue of the abducted Chibok girls.

“A major issue discussed today was the issue of the security of the nation. We receive a report from the National Security Adviser on the security of the nation.

“He briefed council on the current war on insurgency and explanations were given on the issue of Chibok girls.

“Council was satisfied that the Defence ministry and all the agencies have taken the right steps and the President is on course and we are very hopeful that sooner or later Nigerians will hear good news. But we urge Nigerians to be patient, that the issues of terrorism are not issues that could be finished within a day of two.’’

According to him, the council commended the President and security agencies for a job well done so far and urged them to add more valve to ensure that lives and properties are protected.

The governor further stated that President Jonathan would do everything possible to ensure the release of the Chibok girls.

“We also recognised that Police alone won’t be able to secure lives and property. They will need the cooperation and collaboration of every Nigerian and when it comes to the issues of security all of us should be seen as activists.

“We also agreed to do whatever we can to support the police to provide some resources to complement federal effort to see that the police have all that they need to ensure effective policing of the Nigeria State, so that they can guarantee and ensure protection of lives and property.

“More so that we are approaching elections and naturally this is the peak of political activities and there are security issues that are associated with politicking and electioneering. We all agreed that everything must be done to ensure that in this season everybody plays according to the rules and that the police do their job dispassionately so that Nigerians can look forward to the elections without fear,’’ he added.

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Marshal Alex Badeh, on his part has dismissed the insinuation in some quarters that Nigeria is under siege of terrorists and insurgents.

Badeh, who was reacting to questions from State House correspondents in Abuja also debunked the claim that the Armed Forces were not capable of defeating Boko Haram insurgents in the North East zone of the country.

“If a CDS loses his home town it’s the same thing as losing Lagos; it’s the same as losing Enugu. Any part of the country that is lost CDS carries the weight, ok. So, it is immaterial whether it is my home town, whether my house that is burnt or Emeka’s house or whoever’s house that is burnt in Nigeria, the CDS is pained,’’ he said.

According to him, the fact that some parts of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe are under the control of insurgents had not deterred the armed forces from carrying out its critical role of protecting the territorial integrity of the nation.

The CDS was in the State House with other security chiefs to brief the National Council of State on the current security situation across the country

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  • Nigeria shall rise again says:

    God bless you my brother. You have said it all. I wish all Nigerians will get this message.
    You are truly New Nigerian

  • New Nigerian says:

    The state governors in the affected states, should table an emergency bill immediately and get it passed for the rights of their citizens to bear arms. All Nigerians living in these places under attack should bear arms – It is a God-giving right for any man to be able to defend himself and his family, the people should take this approach.

    Anyone who has an iota of hope that GEJ and his administartion can defend Nigerians and Nigeria’s territorial integrity against these militia – whose sponsors are known by GEJ – need his head examined for being a psycho.

    So everyone should bear arms and the state governments should spend their security vote to arm their citizens. For if these criminals realize that the people are armed, they’d not be running over them and killing innocent people this way while waging the sick propaganda lies that they represent anything other their sick desire to steal what is not theirs. Nigeria is not Congo where rampaging cutlas-wielding crooks drove away the citizens. Nigeria i snot Sierra Leone. The people are not powerless, they are known for bravery and self-reliance – the Government of Jonathan have failed them, the people should bear arms and stay within their homes when these Boko Haram visits their villages/town, and take them out, no invader can know of any secret exit and pathways as the locals who have lived there for centuries. This is the way to defeat Boko Haram and their corrupt sponsors in Government. And at this time any one whether wearing uniforms or not – if they come suspiciously, the villagers should not listen to them, they should hide in their secret places and if they see that they mean harm, they should take them out – self defence is a right guaranteed by God. Nigerians should not be slaughtered this way, even we don’t do that to our sheep & chickens.

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