Why Danladi Ahmadu Sounds Dubious- Boko Haram’s Lawyer

Why Danladi Ahmadu Sounds Dubious- Boko Haram’s Lawyer

Saturday, October 25, 2014 4:35 pm

Mustapha Zannah, a Maiduguri based lawyer who stood for Boko Haram members arrested during the 2009 insurgency and proprietor of Future Prowess Islamic Foundation School which caters for orphans and vulnerable children in Maiduguri has said that Danladi Ahmodu, who claimed to be representing Boko Haram in the reported negotiation might be fake.

When he was asked whether Ahmadu, is a genuine member of the sect, Zannah told TheNEWS: “The person that came out to talk and say he is their Secretary General, as a journalist, if you have studied how they (Boko Haram members) speak, they have never for once referred to themselves as Boko Haram, but this man has said it.”

Zannah argued further that ever since Ahmadu has been talking, he has not mentioned God for once, or even mentioned any Arabic word.

“And they (Boko Haram members) don’t even lament about death or their members dying, because that is what they are yearning for anyway. And that is why the framework of engagement between them and the military has been different. The military man will want to go in, fight, come back, receive his salary and after that, retire to get his benefits. But for an average insurgent, when he goes out, he hopes never to come back,” Zannah said.

Last week, all Nigerians expected that the Chibok Girls who had spent over six months in captivity would be released because of the report in the public space that a negotiation was on-going. The expectation ended up as a mirage.

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