Lagos: Camel Meat For Holiday!

Lagos: Camel Meat For Holiday!

Monday, October 6, 2014 8:38 am

There is no end to how Lagosians can enjoy this holiday: booze, picnicking, food, exchange of visits. However, there is an addition to these- camel meat.

At the Lagos abattoir, over 10 camels were tied to poles, ready for the slaughter slab on Sunday.

A source disclosed that camel is more expensive than beef in Lagos and “it is supplied on demand.”

He added that it is sold in “highbrow areas like Surulere, Lekki and Victoria Island.”

It is also killed for suya.

Camels at the Lagos abattoir

Camels at the Lagos abattoir

Nutritionists rate Camel meat high in protein and with less than half the fat of beef.

The meat is therefore held up as a healthy alternative to beef.

Globally, it accounts for 0.13 per cent – barely one thousandth – of the meat eaten every year.

Australian camel industry website says Camel meat is known for its large muscular fibers and high percentage of water. It has a little sweet taste because of the presence of glycogen, and its colour is red or dark brown.

According to FAO statistics (2009), the production quantity of camel meat in the world has reached 351,548 tons/year. Africa (249206 tons/year) and Asia (102253 tons/year) have been formed 99 % of the production in the world. Sudan (49882 tons/year), Egypt (45000 tons/year ), Somalia (44200 tons/year ), Mauritania (22500 tons/year ), United Arab Emirates (19853 tons/year ) are
representing the highest production of camel meats in the world.

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