Bulgarians elect a new parliament

Bulgarians elect a new parliament

Sunday, October 5, 2014 6:25 am

Polls opened Sunday in parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, with former premier Boyko Borisov set for a possible comeback less than two years after he left power.

Opinion polls before the election, Bulgaria’s second in 17 months, put support for former bodyguard Borisov’s right-wing GERB party on 31 to 37 percent.

The Socialists and the Turkish minority party MRF, which both backed the previous technocrat government that resigned in July, were on 19 to 21 and 13 to 16 percent respectively.

Poster war in Bulgaria

Poster war in Bulgaria

It is unclear whether Borisov, 55, can form a government and if he can implement badly-needed reforms, tackle corruption and organised crime and restore voters’ trust in politicians.

In February 2013 Borisov resigned after almost four years in office after tens of thousands of people angry about poverty and corruption took to the streets, with several even setting themselves on fire.

Polling stations in the southeastern European country, which has a population of 7.4 million people, were due to close at 7:00 pm (1600 GMT), with exit polls due shortly afterwards.

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