Pilgrims move to Makkah

Pilgrims move to Makkah

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 3:25 pm

Millions of pilgrims on Wednesday departed Madinah for Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to perform the main Hajj rites in accordance with Islamic injunctions. There are 76,000 Nigerian pilgrims performing this year’s Hajj.

The faithful moved to Makkah to observe the Arafat Day, slated for Friday.

They will also move from Muna on Friday to mount Arafat where they would stay from sunrise to sunset, as ordained by Allah.

From there, all the pilgrims will move to Musdalifa where they are expected to spend the night up to sunrise.

NAN further reports that the faithful are also expected to return to Muna for the stoning of Jamratul-Aqaba (Stoning of the Devil) on the 10th day of Zhulhija (the Sallah Day).

They would thereafter return to Makkah in continuation with Hajj rites

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