Nasty things Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said about Anita

Nasty things Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said about Anita

Friday, August 29, 2014 3:38 pm

The Big news today was the  suit filed in London by Rev. Anita Oyakhilome, seeking divorce from her husband, Chris Oyakhilome, over alleged adultery and ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

“The divorce case, with Suit No FD14D01650, was filed on April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, UK, on Anita’s behalf by Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors

The story of the divorce had been an open secret since early this year, when people began to see less and less of Anita and Chris together, especially at functions where they were supposed to appear as  a couple. The first indication of disharmony was the decision of Pastor Chris to relocate to South Africa while the wife, managed the Christ Embassy churches in London. She is also in-charge of her own chapter, Christ Embassy Docklands on North Woolwich, London and she is the co-Director of LoveWorld Christian Network. This was in January. But by May, the story returned to the front pages.

Anita and Chris Oyakhilome

Anita and Chris Oyakhilome

Church members, including Pastor Chris denied the marital schism and at a stage Pastor Chris had to dash to London to knock his flock back in line, because of fears that they were siding with his estranged wife, who was running the church business  in the UK.

Now that it has now been confirmed that Anita had indeed filed divorce papers since April, we share some of the nasty things Chris had said about Anita, most of it when he addressed pastors and deacons of his church at the Bermondsey branch of the church on 16 May.

“Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is always angry and bitter,”

 “Some pastors’ wives think when they marry a pastor, they are equal to the pastor. My wife thinks so. As a matter of fact, Rev. Tom was her pastor before I married her and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were her leaders long before I married her. How come she thinks she’s senior to them now?

“I already started Christ Embassy before I married her. I didn’t marry her and said we should start Christ Embassy. I
was already ‘pastoring.’ I already set my sail and knew my direction before I married her. I only said ‘come and help

“Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in
people, instead of keeping friends that will help her vision, especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.”

The couple’s marriage, two decades ago,  produced two teenage daughters, Sharon and Charlyn. Oyakhilome  is the president of Believers’ Love World Inc, the registered name of the Christian ministry, while his estranged wife is the vice-president. 

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  • fidza says:

    everyone now is a MOG, and one can and is allowed to rebuke and correct another when it is necessary like in this issue. Paul rebuked “sharply” Peter in Acts yet from your uninformed statement above didnt suffer the curses you are proposing he would have suffered the rest of the year. We are allowed to correct one another…

  • fidza says:

    he is just being real, these MOG are humans and prone to sin. My issue with Chris is instead of being a model christian leader and admit to the faults that he might have cause (the wife is probably not entirely without fault as well) but i feel when divorce comes up he should have owned up to his mistakes, mistakes made in the name of “church” like allowing him to leave separately from his wife. Instead he is mud slinging her, having made her vice-president of his ministry now suddenly she is no longer mature enough?

  • c-brown akhibi says:

    devil trown ur best bcus u are still a small boy

  • judy says:

    why are u so bitter and judgmental. the bible said we will be judged over the words we say, lets be careful what we say. we can only pray if we feel anyone has fallen short of our expectations, we all have, that’s why we are men. i dont follow press gossip about peoples family issues, i have mine to sort first.

  • Dan says:

    Marriage is to be enjoyed and not to be managed! Once you begin to manage marriage you can never be faithful to your partner. If the two no longer agree, let them part ways after all there is nothing like marriage in Heaven.

  • Mohau says:

    I hear/ understand what you are saying Jossy. Very well. Im sorry a lot of other people do not see what is happening here, botha Anita and Chris are failing to see the root of their problems. I pray God reveals before its too late. I pray this divorce doesnt go through. Both must humble themselves and re-visit the word on marriage. Both need to re-visit their roles as husband and wife and apply what the word of God says.

  • CLAUD. says:


  • terry says:

    Exposure, as much as I agree with you that every act of man will attract just recompense, does not give anybody the right to become a judge over somebody’s act. Yes the rightful thing to do at that point of realization and accepting once wrong is to humbly repent and ask for forgiveness. Nevertheless because of the position of the office he is occupying whether he is right or wrong it becomes expedient that he should ensure that the devil does not carry the news any further No MATTER WHAT, he must set his house in order. This is what every true child of God should be praying for. Exposure, I advice that you should Join in that Prayer and talk less.

  • Terry1 says:

    Oh! how are the mighty falling, tell it not in Gad, publish it not in Ashkalon, least the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, least the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph….

  • ugo says:

    True talk

  • rbauka says:

    pastor Anita, if he offends you seventy times seven, forgive him in accordance to biblical injunction. Jerry Bauka

  • pst. michael says:

    Thanks so much Edward, I join u to call on all true christian all over the world to pray seriously concerning dis challenge d devil is posing against d church of Jesus Christ, I am not a member I am a CAC pastor but Chris and Anita are blessing to our world, they are great teacher of time, their strategy for evangelism is unequal I really celebrate God in their lives Wateva mistake u are pointing to in his life notwithstanding, much more are to his credit than discredit. Pls I appeal to every christian to begin to do more of praying for them Dan discussing them, and God will bless you as u do it. Now My Pastor Chris, pls u cant afford to disappoint ur generation if u lose ur home u have no ministry and don’t try to make any whiteman ur sample for us, truely they brought Christianity to us but we need now to teach them THE Reality and Sanctity of christian faith. which produces the kind of power manifestation they travel down to experience. Many of them have Divorce many times and that is wot power from their ministry, that will not happen to ur ministry in Jesus name. Again, pastor Chris go and sit down somewhere and judge urself by the spirit of truth dat is in u, check out how u have lived and treated ur wife in the last 16year u HV married, supposing she is ur blood sister would u have her hush d way you are judging urself right today ? My brother wot u are saying shows u HV problems wit ur wife, u know beta Dan wot u are saying, Your Wife Is Not Subject To Anybody In Your Ministry and u know it. My last word is a question, “Don’t u have Fathers and Mentors in Faith that u and ur wife respect and Honor greatly that can order both you and settle dis mater without stress. Our being under authority of fathers and mentors has saved us many times from facing this kind of embarrassment . pls dear pastor if you don’t have quickly put urself under someone because of a time like this. God bless you we are praying for you the lord will see you  tru this trying times and you, your wife and your ministry would come out BETTER in JESUS NAME.

  • sasa says:

    Best comment have seen ever

  • kayode ola says:

    Pls my brodas all we need to do is to secure time to pray for dis family if truly we belif their important to us

  • Ambassador says:

    PETER, the Bible (matt5:32,19:9)allows divorce only when the reason is out of adultery!! but it denies one on getting married to another until death do you part.

  • Blessing says:

    the fact that something has happen to Pst Chris’s family shud not give us any reason to judge anybody because d devil is so trickish. It will be better we assist them in prayers than look for fault, who did right or went wrong. what ever you good you wish to come out of them can be done through our prayers. even the bible says, let he that stands pull up the one that falls mocking and laying blames has never bring solution to any situation. I extend the LOVE OF GOD to you to stand and serve these unique family by not laying more blames on anybody. If killing arm robbers wen they are caught was solution to stop arm robbery in world, the world would have been a good and lovely place now but it is not so. Jesus never join to accuse or ask the woman that committed adultery if she did it but went straight to admite solution to her problem and this is expected of us here in this case. LETS PRAY FOR HIM AND USE THEM, and use them to pray for those that the devil may want to attack after now for d devil has done this.

  • helen says:

    U pple. Choose to quarrel on top another person matter hmmmm.I don’t know wat d world is tunring into,pls cursing pple can not solve d problem.pastor chris and anita are nt kids so let God be d is just painful when pple hear and see such things hapn to a noble and well know pastor but I belv God knows everything from d begining to d end.

  • Outraged says:

    Mumu follower. the man don use your head. I pity you

  • olly says:

    hahahahahhaa…..fine wine u wish u had right??? and fyi I went to the school ur father wished he could send u but couldn’t afford 🙂

    Allow the Oyakhilomes settle whatever issue they are facing n stop being a such a prick plssssssss.

  • Exposure says:

    Shame on u So your pastor Anita a reputable pastor in ur church besides a honorable vice president of ur entire church worldwide is a liar and perhaps has always been ???if before now and that this issue never came up and a stranger walks up to call her a liar am sure the likes will rain out curses upon the person.hahahahaha I can see how things are too quick to change

  • Exposure says:

    Who actually ordained him as a pastor and when,where pls?let me have ur facts b4 u continue talking.his a self acclaimed pastor and the only pastor that was never ordained by anybody,am surprised a lot of his followers like u don’t know this,even in the bible if God calls upon u spiritually they re all physically anointed by someone too,so wake up from ur sleep

  • Exposure says:

    Who is interested in what’s happening in his home?am only interested in what has been made public dumb ass.when two pple go public in the media to make a statement what does that implies?sickhead dumbass u talking abt God when little or no knowledge u ve to understand God has already showed his face, judged by exposing the evil deed of pst Chris cos God does not respect ones status

  • Pearl says:

    Ps Chris worshippers truth is your pastor committed adultery and his own wife is divorcing him. the devil here is teh pastor who came before you in righteousness and holiness but was lying to you. “what if the allegations are true” Ps Anita is a Pastor, she knows the word of God. She must truly have good proof to be divorcing her husband on ADULTERY charges. Why must Anita stay with a scandalous lying pastor if her allegations are true. Why must she stand next to a lying man who will take many souls to hell. If Chris cheated he is compromised the Grace of God is gone in him. Achabod.

  • Outraged says:

    I pity your life. Mumu follower. the man don 419 you come use your tithe drink fine wine.which school u go and which one your children they go. My friend wake up from the juju spell oyahkilome cast on u. Ode

  • olly says:

    Jossy leave outraged to drown in his frustration n hate for Pastor Chris. At the end of the day the Oyakhilomes will get out of this issue, while U will remain in ur small, insignificant and irrelevant life.

  • Exposure says:

    Is Jossy ones real name?obviously not,so check ur self properly before addressing issues that are even bigger than u

  • oseremen says:

    At this time on crisis they need our prayers more than ever, though am not a member of Christ Embassy I really love the ministry and not so happy with the news on air. l really pray for God’s strength and courage for every one in the church.

  • Exposure says:

    More unfolding events as one leads to another cos God is not a respecter of anybody no matter ur status.pastor ken in charge of a branch in South Africa pastor Chris elder brother has been separated from the wife pastor ose I charge of Okota branch for 10years,he has been accused of impregnating a church member,what do u expect from a. Man been away from his wife for so long a time and the church permits such waiting for the harm to be done before calling on God?hhe will surely expose all who disguise under the name as pastors to commit evil.well I pray for ur eyes to be open cos u re blnded

  • Exposure says:

    Too bad for u kent I feel also very much sorry for u&pray that May what befall pst Anita over what she’s been suffering befall u also.well more unfolding events pst ken khans been separated with the wife for 10years now cos his I charge of a branch in South Africa while the wife pastor ose in charge of the branch in Okota ,he has been accused of impregnating a church member,what do u expect from a man who has been away from wife for 10years?well u ve been brainwashed but with more unfolding events ur eyes will be opened that’s my prayer for u

  • Exposure says:

    Okota branch

  • Exposure says:

    It’s in the blood of the oyahkilome to be separated with their wife’s so they can have enough room for their has started unfolding the more ok cos God is a respecter of nobody not minding your status.pastor ken oyahkilome whose in charge of the branch in South Africa and the wife pastor ose in charge of the Omotayo branch in Nigeria has been separated for 10years now,he has been accused of impregnating a member in s.a,so what do u expect in a situation like this when the church allows a husband and wife to be apart for such a. Long time?God will continue to expose evil doers who uses the church or name as pastors to disguise and commit sin.u as a leader should show good example to ur followers.well u have been brainwashed but with more unfolding events ur eyes will be opened soon.God help u

  • Exposure says:

    Thank u Peter cos separation from your spouse for a long time gives room for lots of temptations,so why didn’t anybody address the issue before now?the same thing is equally happening with pst Chris elder brother pastor ken whose pastoring in he has been separated from the wife for 10years.the wife is pastoring the Omotayo branch in Nigeria pastor events are even unfolding more of the husband pst ken impregnating a member in s.a,so what do u expect in a situation like this when the church does not address vital issue of this nature until harm has been done?God is not respecter of anybody’s status so evil must be exposed and addressed,but we join hands in praying for them all for repentance and show good ways of leadership

  • Exposure says:

    U re a fool,if it was a case with Jonathan Goodluck u will not mind ur biz now cos it has to do with u so called beloved pastor u re quick to react cos u ve been brainwashed.Truth don’t hide and it has paved way for a lot more to be exposed so plz read more in the media of recent happening and wise up.pastor Chris bro pastor ken is also facing the same accusations in South Africa,he also has been living separately from the wife pastor ose for 10years now and was accused of impregnating a church member in south Arica,so what do u expect from such a church that permits husband and wife to be living in separate countries?if it’s right?then I pray May that become of your portion

  • Outraged says:

    You are a mumu idiot. Who made them man of God. You are a victim of 419. Mumu. God punish you.

  • Toyin says:

    I say a BIG amen to your prayers and join my faith with yours. May the good Lord take control and collect the barton fron the devil and his agents in Jesus name

  • Son of God says:

    First, i must say that no one should speak evil of a man of God, as believers, we should help to build and not destroy, let God be the judge.. as believers if you let the devil use you and paste any sort of evil words jokingly or intentionally against a man of God .. I bet you, you will regret your life for the rest of the year. Be warned..!

  • Son of God says:

    First, i must say that no one should speak evil of a man of God, as believers, we should help to build and not destroy, let God be the judge.. as believers if you let the devil use you and paste any sort of evil words jokingly or intentionally against a man of God .. I bet you, you will regret your life for the rest of the year. Be warned!

  • Son of God says:

    First, i must say that no one should speak evil of a man of God, as believers, we should help to build and not destroy, let God be the judge.. as believers if you let the devil use you and paste any sort of evil words jokingly or intentionally against a man of God .. I bet you, you will regret your life for the rest of the year. Be warned!!!

  • Son of God says:

    First, i must say that no one should speak evil of a man of God, as believers, we should help to build and not destroy, let God be the judge.. as believers if you let the devil use you and paste any sort of evil words jokingly or intentionally against a man of God .. I bet you, you will regret your life for the rest of the year. Be warned!!

  • Exposure says:

    Am talking in parables dickhead

  • Exposure says:

    U shld ve advised ur self by minding ur own biz not to write to me before opening ur mouth to talk thrash.may whatever Pst Anita have passed through become of ur portion

  • Favour says:

    Thank you Edward. God will surely have His way and His will, will be done.

  • Lovepapacy says:

    Why is everybody mostly their church members seeing Anita as the devil. I remember how she was praised by this same people condemning her. Everybody in Embassy claim to have the holy spirit. Now i ask whether all these comments and hatred towards Anita were directed by the Holy spirit. Of course No. Has anyone try to know the mind and wish of God concerning this? Maybe who knows if their faith and faith of member are being tested. Lets not judge or try apportioning blames to anyone. lets just prays for them and for the spirit to take control.

  • Lovepapacy says:

    I pray for them. But if pastor chris was very much aware that this pastors he mentioned started the foundation of this church and they were older than Anita in the church, and suffered for the church, Why making her the vice-president. When it is not a family business but house of God. I pray that God restores love and peace in their family. What God has joined together let body, no money, pride, greed, sickness, selfishness or any misbehaviour from both parties put asunder.

  • Brighton Ashaba says:

    Lord i pray for a man of God that good will come out of this storm. I pray for the body of christ to remain intact and tha there will not be any harm caused in the body of christ. I stop divorce in the name of Jesus. I decree that what God has jouned together let no man separate. Amen

  • mafikezolo says:

    When people get married they should stay together and not leade separate lives. teh fact that they never stayed together was in itself a recipe for disastor. The MOG should be humble enouggize for any wrong doing for the sake of the gospel he should not be proud.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Gift. you don’t say what you don’t know about. are you without sin in your life today. so why pointing accusing fingers on someone you never sent on a mission. did u send the man of God on his mission. i will advice you don’t join them in their disgusting opinions about pastor Chris and his wife.

  • Anonymous says:

    your opinion is like a sound in the train tunnel. it doesn’t count.stop wasting your time and life in matters that are bigger than you are. whatever Pastor Chris does,or happens in his home is none of your business. face your life squarely or face God’s judgment for the rest of your life.

  • Edirhin says:

    The news is not new because Oyakhilome’s first daughter is a product of fornication when he was the founder and pastor of Youth for Christ. Then Anita was a student of religion and philosophy 200level while Oyakhilome was a final year student of the school of architecture in Bendel State University Ekpoma (BENSU). So again it is not news. You all should know that

    just the same way Jimmy Swaggart fell for adultey and his church forgave him, we all should forgive him as well and move on. He should ask for forgiveness and repent. We are ready to accept him back. If not he should step down as the head of the Church.

  • Gifty says:

    Exactly my prayer Ed God richly bless you. It is well

  • lisomi says:

    Ekemini you shut your gutter mouth. All of you his church members defending him should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • lisomi says:

    Good response exposure.

  • lisomi says:

    Shut your gutter mouth olly and leave exposure alone. He is simply saying the truth.

  • lisomi says:

    Bossy you are very stupid for saying it’s a norm practiced by African women. Ewu that you are; pastor Chris should admit his sin and ask for his wife forgiveness aswell as the church’s.

  • Nemesis-Heritage says:

    Ogbeni, Una just dey fool una self, I dont get brainwashed and never drop my money into any church pocket…. They only use it for their-selves, Instead, I will call his name in the middle of the night and complain to God,..This MAN OF GOD are humans habba……They are tempted by many fine ladies in the church and even if they dont fornicate…. Ladies by themselves will visit their private office and lure them into it,….If i be pastor…. Forget lie….I go don get about 750 children around the world…. I no Send…More Over Polygamy is the way of God as profess….. Farewell to their family…Na Pride dey kill them both…..

  • Lukeman_Mohd says:

    God save their marriage for their good and Your Glory. Amen

  • joyce charming says:

    As men of God, Divorce isn’t supported by God but if u must, then u both must remain single otherwise any other marriage thereafter hence the both are still alive is ADULTERY. So careful please not to make that mistake,what ever it is as christian couple u both can still make up for good

  • JOANA says:

    Lord Jesus please dont let the devil win this battles. Please daddy kindly help this family please Jesus have mercy

  • Annonymous says:

    Jossy, are you for real? The lady has filed for divorce and cited ADULTERY and you are here accusing people of being the ones to bring in the allegation of adultery. Can you vouch for your Pastor? Are you with him all the time? Instead of you to focus on the word of God and your salvation you are being distracted by worshipping a man. When the world ends, I don’t think telling God “but my pastor Chris said ….” will get you through the gates. He is not God, he is not Jesus and to make matters worse his so called miracles are no better than the tricks of a magician. Do you know anybody personally – your neighbour, relative who he prayed for who had a miraculous recovery like you see on TV? If he has the type of gift he claims to have, how come he has never walked out on the streets and cured all those cripples/mad people we see around? How come it is only those who cough out money that he prays for and even those people never ever get the sort of miracle that made them come to his church in the first place. I bet you have problems in your life which for all the time and money you have dedicated to his church have still not been resolved but you are still hanging in there with faith, worshipping the man!!! Jesus healed the sick and needy in public, they did not need to attend any special spiritual school before Jesus healed them.

  • onen isaac says:

    women are like that just based on your purpose not assignment.

  • Gideon says:

    Christians watch out and pray. do not underrate the power of the devil. we hope for a re union in the family of the oyakhilomes’

  • Peter says:

    The Bible admonished that we give no place to the devil. Separation from your spouse for a long time for whatever reason is unacceptable in God’s word. However, there is hope if we pray earnestly for Pastor Chris and his wife for God’s intervention.

  • kenneth says:

    there is no such verse in my bible.

  • Exposure says:

    First it has to start with the husband,heaven helps those who helps themselves

  • Exposure says:

    Which vision?ur wife is in another country&u accomodated it for years?obviously that was a mission&vision for adultery

  • Exposure says:

    U shld feel more sorry for yourself&upstairs chris

  • Kent says:

    Too bad Exposure, i feel sorry for you

  • Exposure says:

    What do u expect from a man whose wife is in another country obviously he was tired of masturbating.the church Lead to his problems,they shld ve condemned the idea from the beginning over his wife being in another country

  • Exposure says:

    I can imagine how doomed u re,for a person of pst Anita reputation as v.president so she is lying?u must be indeed sick and needs healing

  • Exposure says:

    Olly so u now know pst Chris better than his wife pst Anita,an annointed woman of God who has accused him over all the tragedy she’s been passing through,u speak of doom not knowing u re doomed already owing to the fact that u re blinded and ve been brainwashed

  • Exposure says:

    Jossy u must be out of ur mind to ve tot pst Anita a woman of God wld got out publicly as a result of anger to ridicule pst Chris her husband,u can’t be &neither can any of us be except for pst Chris to apologize to his congregation&beg the wife after which pray for Gods forgiveness.

  • olly says:

    Mr Exposure, talking this way about Gods anointed is only bringing u to ur doom real quick, so in ur own interest just hush it.

    …and like Obi quoted “…tell it not in gath, publish it not in d streets of ashkelon…”

  • gabrial ajibola says:

    Its not about the Sins, but what it will do to Christianity. Marriage is honorable and we must stand in prayers for these men of God, so that they do not destroy other people. Both of them must humble themselves to make commitments to their marriage again.

  • gabriel ajobola says:

    me too in faith with you. This must not happen.

  • Outraged says:

    You be proper idiot. Pray for yasel and leave me out of your devilish prayer.

  • Babatope says:

    I feels so dishearthing reading about the likely divorce. I pray that God will never let the plan of the devil to come to light over these people of God. God has been using this ministeries to bring Youths to God like I never read before and this Couple has really been a source of motivation, great inspiration and role model to many Youths… God Can!!

  • Helen says:

    Why don’t you fucking shut up and emancipate yourself from mental slavery instead of your false lamentation and sanctimoniousness. Just stop worshipping man. All this has shown is that the arm of flesh can fail and will always fail especially for all those so called Christians who are into the MOG cult and can see no wrong in their pastors until the shit hit hits the fan. You should place you eyes on God and not man. Whether he has won any souls for God or not is irrelevant, you need to work out your own salvation mate!

  • Gracie says:

    this is a Christian fight of faith, we pray that the eyes of the wicked and unreasonable men will not see this family and that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church of God. The devil is trying to bring distractions into the kingdom of God. Paradventure this is true and it happens there will be a serious shaking in Christendom, cause these two have imparted the world round, all the continents I’m positive. So in our quiet time, we must commit the parties into prayers, especially forgiveness should abound.

  • Exposure says:

    @gidi ,yes it shall be well if we confess our sins and apologize publicly for our acts rather than trying to find an excuse as a short way out.Christ shall always conquer cos here is a respecter of nobody so he can expose anybody of his dark secrets,let’s all join in prayers

  • Exposure says:

    @Christian,yes u learn the likes of masturbating&adultery

  • Exposure says:

    @Richard Akaighe,u have spoken well like a true Christian and like a well civilized entity without a biased mind,I say bravo and may God bless u

  • Exposure says:

    Everybody loves God even the sinner does,but it does not stop God from exposing us us whenever we fall short of his glory,I believe pst Anita had put in place a lot of consideration before taking such a. Bold step,maybe she has suffered miserably as a result of the husbands incessant adulteries&perhaps he has refused to change,stop or beg for forgiveness so if it were [email protected] what will u do?

  • Jossy says:

    I agree with you 100% Christian.

  • Jossy says:

    From your statements above, one cab deduce that the real issue is”authority” or “control” and not “adultery”. The issue of adultery is after thought, brought up by people like you, so as to smear pastor Chris and embarrass the ministry. Jesus said ” I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail”. No antics of your likes can stop the ministry and the vision God gave rev. Chris. Shalom.

  • Jossy says:

    Exposure, are you telling us that pastor Anita is highly spirited than her husband?. You are a disease in this forum, and the best way to deal with you is to quarantine you.

  • Omo Oba says:

    If we pray for them more than we talk or comment about them, it will do the and the kingdom more good. Father heal and restore the Oyakhilome’s in Jesus name. Im outta here.

  • Jossy says:

    You are wrong. There are tens of millions of Nigerians that are good, both before God and before men. The fact that your mind is twisted, does not mean all nigerians are like you. I can only pray for you and likes.

  • Jossy says:

    Exposure & Outrage, its only evil men and women that work in darkness. Unveil your real names and let’s know you. Remember mariam and Aaron accusing Moses?. Remember what happened?. If you cannot be part of the solution to this issue, then shut your trap or God will shut it for you; and you will come to healing school for pastor Chris to pray for you, then and only then we will know who is exposure and outrage.

  • Jossy says:

    Exposure, or what do u call urself?; it’s like u are the devil in this matter. It’s a norm, particularly with african women when they get angry, they accuse their spouse with adultery, even if the husband is innocent. If you cannot be part of the solution, please do not be part of the problem.

  • ekemini says:

    @ Exposure… Do us all a favour and shut the fuck up. And God bless for that.

  • Exposure says:

    Obi u shld be referring to pst Anita that judged&condemned him&not myself cos I never did,she’s the wife&zap highly respected reputable woman of God/pastor that knows the scripture more than u do,so am sure she much ve prayed&seek the intervention of the Holy Spirit to direct her before taking that action,she’s the wife for God sake&heaven knows what she must ve been passing through&perhaps heaven has helped by answering her prayer to ve exposed the act

  • Exposure says:

    Chioma I can see u re a feeble minded person that lacks understanding who belongs to the category of using this general word(judge&condemnation) cos u don’t know exactly when it should be applied.God exposseses &when he does as humans like I am has the right to be angry or ashamed,but for heaven sake&afore the sake of the church u lead,all u need do&that we advise,pray is fOr u to have the strength to come out clean,apologize&beg for forgiveness then the world will join u in prayers for God to take control&touch the wife for a change of heart cos we re all human full with sin cos no man is perfect.i never judged or condemned him,plz note that it was the wife that did&am sure u don’t know the scripture as much as pst Anita does

  • Exposure says:

    Obi u re indeed insane to say am condenming cos I guess u don’t know the meaning of the word itself.yes I am &ve always been a sinner even before I was born like everyone else,am not afraid to be exposed if God chooses to,but if he does all I need no is to apologize,beg for forgiveness rather than trying to defend my acts so get it straight in ur head before u start making your utterances&usage of words u don’t really seem to understand

  • Osinachi says:

    GOD bless you Edward….my prayer also goes out to this Oyakhilomes…..I decree in the name of JESUS that the plan of the evil one concerning this marriage shall not stand in JESUS name…Amen…any plan of the enemy to embarrass the church shall not stand in JESUS name. Amen.

  • gidi says:

    Believers say prayer for the great man of God and his family. These are schemes of the devil to bring down the church but Christ has conquered. It shall be well !

  • togun says:

    I know they love God, so it will work out for good.

  • chioma says:

    Pls who r u to judge. Let him who has no sin b d 1st to cast a stone. Dnt bring condemnation upon ur sef mr exposure

  • Richard Akaighe says:

    Men of God should be more careful with the tricks of the Devil, the Devil is at work again and both Pastors need the prayers of all Christians to save the name of the Gospel of Christ as the end time is at hand.

    They both need the right hand of God now (Deliverance ) I request all pastors to help them with prayers as the devil is fighting their Ministry now. Moreover pride is a destroyer of once Destiny pastor Christ should remember the biblical reference of 1peter chpter 3 verse 1-7 as a guide . Adam was held responsible for the fall of their ministry in Genesis and God will not listen to reasons you gave for your wife wanting to arrogate power to herself and keeping bad friend for you are the accounting officer in charged of her, if you were very close to her she would have had time to keep those friends she now have or think of arrogating power to her selves after all she is the Vice President Of the ministry. Pastor please let go back to our Bed rooms to talk things over. Your pastors you started with where there when you made her your Vice President and you must all remember that the Grace of God upon your life is also covering her too.

    May the Almighty God grant you the wisdom to manage this unpleasant situation in Jesus mighty Name I pray Amen.

  • David says:

    The kingdom of God is moving forward,Gospel shall be preach all over the world.haaa aah, devil is angry.but the victory is of our God. Halleluyah! Jesus reigns

  • Obi says:

    Exposure? Is that your name? Or are you somewhat afraid of exposure? How we tend to quickly judge and condemn others even with our own load of guilt.

    No matter what your think you are right to be angry about… tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon.

    Go in Bro Exposure and our Outraged brother and join the rest of the Church to pray for Pst Chris, his family and the millions of the flock that God has put in their hands. Indeed pray for the Church. Ask God to handle this situation with His Wisdom.

    And pray for yourself as well; that God may not choose to Expose you nor show you how outraged He is with your own transgressions.

    …Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered (Rom 4:7)

  • Exposure says:

    Yes mercy oh Lord,that has been the exact cry&prayers of pst Anita all these while to the Lord&indeed the GoodLord has truly showed mercy by exposing the evil deeds

  • Exposure says:

    [email protected] prayer Chinedu,but first pst Chris has to apologize&beg for forgiveness cos this is the wrath of God,he has been expossed

  • Exposure says:

    Truly u re an idiot Olu,if u don’t go to church,that means u don’t reverence the Gods church,but u cld reverence the same men of God who re made out of the church?fool u&quite a senseless idiot u must be

  • Exposure says:

    Yes it’s indeed true,pst Chris shld forget pride,shame&apologize to his congregations before begging the wife for forgiveness that way God will redeem his marriage cos he has been exposed over his evil deed,

  • Exposure says:

    May u&ur entire family suffer all the ordeal that pst Anita has secretly been passing through since u don’t have pity in ur heart for her .God has intervened&expossed the evil deed

  • Exposure says:

    He was not accused by a stranger or church member,he was accused by his highly respected,spiritual wife who is equally a pastor like himself&ashes is ready to tender those proves as evidence in court if pst Chris dares challenge the divorce,The wife has secretly been in bondage all these while and u call that a lovely pst&family?u must indeed be a wicked person cos God has intervened

  • Exposure says:

    Amen. God of heaven has already intervened by exposing the EVIlL deed,so what else re u praying for……much exposure or what?

  • Exposure says:

    Yes @Onyii,the GoodLord has already intervened saving the sheep of his pasture by exposing the evil deed

  • Exposure says:

    Before Anita filed for the divorce under the grounds of adultery,u pple shld know she’s not an idiot or dull person ,so believe she has proves very glaring ones at that considering the fact that her chains of very intelligent lawyers must have looked into the issue before taking up such a sensitive case of this nature,so guys be mindful.Again pst Chris has not spoken up that he didn’t commit adultery in his statement otherwise that shld be the basic he shld have addressed to disabuse the allegations.A woman of God with such an integrity like pst Anita wld not be stupid enough to make such a false claims.plz guys examines pst Chris statement very trickish and clumsy that pst Anita does not respect her seniors e.g pst Tom etc that Anita only came to help so how come she was made /jumped into Vice President when she came to meet people already senior to her?who made her Vice President over those her seniors?the moment she becomes Vice President she automatically becomes their seniors,so why trying to fool yourself pst Chris because your game plan has failed?silly excuses that pst Anita had bad sets of friends,how can a highly spirited woman of God from what Christ embassy made us to understand and respect of her be keeping such friends and the church never took action until now,so why using it as an excuse?most of the spiritual write up in rapsody has a lot of her contribution which has impacted positively the lives of many and yet u say she has bad friends?finally why would the church permit such a separation from the beginning between husband and wife all in the service of God for them to be operating the marriage from separate countries?God never permitted such a matrimony so it was the church that destroyed them or perhaps pst Chris was tired of masturbating over the absence of his wife since he claimed it wasn’t a sin,so he eventually decided to practicalities it ?hahahahahahah the world is not fool u can fool pple but not for ever,it’s judgement time and he has to pay the prize,what a shame

  • kay-kay says:

    Your first assumption is that the woman is at fault. Please remember that the Bible gives roles to BOTH. It asks the woman to be obedient to her spouse but asks the man to LOVE his spouse as Christ loves his church and laid down his life for her. As you can see, the job of the man is obvious and arguably far greater than the job of the woman. So please, my fellow Nigerian Christians, lets not fault women so readily when the Bible has a balanced view. Read Ephesians 5 : 22-30 and make sure you dont stop after verse 24. You must read it to the end.

  • BigT says:


  • mike says:

    Your view is unfair on the woman. When Eve erred, who did God blame? I prayfor God’s Mercy. Oyakire shdnt have allowed his wife to leave him in the first place. God have mercy on them.

  • samUye says:

    Oh Lord God; have mercy. Let the divorce attempt fail in Jesus Name, amen! The devil has done enough damage. Let there be light! Samuye

  • vvvvvvv7 says:

    MERCY Oh Lord

  • chik says:

    Olu, you would believe lies in the name of man of God. Mtschew. Serves him right. You leave your wife and stay in another country enjoying yourself. Who is a fool?

  • chik says:

    I agree. You are correct.

  • chinedu says:

    Father , Almighty come to the unity of their marriage, bringing closeness and togetherness between them.

  • Onyii says:

    Lord intervene and save the sheep of your pasture.This is an evil wind that blows no one good.This has also highlighted the need to structure our lives especially our marriage according the “old fashioned” Bible style that says the wife should be submissive and learn from her husband.It is now evident that what the Apostle Paul saw and said the woman is not permitted to usurp authority over men is not faded.In as much as we try to assert women liberalization we should not forget the infallible account of the word of God that “the head of the woman is the man.That’s divine pattern

  • Beleiver says:

    This marriage is still intact ok, it will not break….Grace and Mercy seats speaks for the marriage..The devil cant touch this marriage cox it is a covenanted one therefore i prophesy as i am commanded that it is re united now in Jesus name… is a great Man of God and Christians i mean those who profess to be Christians should not celebrate or magnify such is bad for Christendom….The Lord is still on the throne…We will always celebrate good news because that is what Jesus brought….Jesus loves you so much ok so incase you are not a beleiver i use this medium to call you home… born again and transformed and all your problems end… contact: [email protected]. just mail me if you need and i prophesy good news to end your worries and the wind of the Spirit empowered by Jesus in my mouth ends all. enjoy everybody, Jesus is still Lord. You can as well worship with us @ any TREM branch all over the world around you. There is Power in the Word of God.

  • Outraged says:

    You be idiot, who is a man of God in this corrupt and rotten country. The are all men of the devil. Mumu

  • Aumentare Liasu says:

    You are a true Christian, God bless you. God will truly answer your prayers..

  • articuleum says:

    He must address the issues raised by his wife. Too many Nigerian pastor have filthy skeletons in their closets, and do not practice what they preach.

  • Christian says:

    Send message to women all over the world that they are becoming caterpillars of destruction these days rather than pillars. Men should start thinking straight before they hand over the worlds’ seat of power over to a woman to their own destruction and then become modern day slaves

  • Christian says:

    There’s always something you can learn from this man.

  • olu says:

    May God forgive you. Besides, its not left for you to make demeaning comments about a Man of God. I dont go to his church but i have high reverence for Men of God. Leave God to be the judge pls.

  • auchs says:

    story from pit of hell. I hardly believe journalism of this days.

  • israel amulum says:

    I join faith with you my brother.this divorce will not stand, I weep as I write this.

  • james says:

    My Lord Jesus Christ please have marcy on (OYAKHILOMES) family ,i blieven you God you can changer things for Good.We all christian in the world should prayer for the favor of GOD. for our lovely PST and his lovely family.

  • Outraged says:

    419 pastor and mumu followers.

  • Edward. says:

    Father there is nothing you can not do. This family (Oyakhilomes’) are a cynosure of eyes in your Kingdom .Pst Chris has led may people unto you so also his wife,Pls help redeem this marriage if the story is true. Destroy the yoke of the devil and his evil seed.
    This is a sad news for Christendom especially Christian youths.
    I am not a member of his church but for the fact that he has such a large youth assembly, I feel so pained. Father do that which only you can do pls.

  • Johnrex says:

    I pray God of heavens to intervene in Jesus name.



    oh GOD, help us, lest the daughter of the uncircumcised be glad or rejoice, in CHRIST NAME AMEN.

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