'Worse things to come', Shekau warns in new video

'Worse things to come', Shekau warns in new video

Monday, August 25, 2014 1:02 pm

In the latest video released 24 August, Abubakar Shekau, leader of  Boko Haram and the putative ‘Islamic Republic’, now incorporating parts of Nigeria, spoke for 25 minutes, warning America, France and the Civilian JTF in Nigeria  and all those standing on their way to achieving their mission.

The content of the video was published by the French news agency, AFP yesterday. We publish here excerpts from his  25 minute speech:

Shekau and gang in new video

Shekau and gang in new video

“We are grateful to Allah for the big victory he granted our members in Gwoza and made the town part of our Islamic Caliphate.

“For us there is nothing like Nigeria but Islamic Caliphate; because God the creator of the world and the earth we are all standing is the sole owner of the earth and no one else. So we have no option but obey the owner of the sky that is above us, even as He is the owner of the earth. We Muslims obey our Creator.

“Oh people of the world, Allah has granted us victory in the town of Gwoza, not because of our might but because we are committed to do His work. Oh people, I chose to deliver this message in order to refute the lies being spread by the government, about the operations we had in recent times.

“To the Americans: who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is Israel in the sight of Allah? Who is France in the sight of Allah? It is only when we don’t have firm belief. We don’t fear you at all.”

“We still have the magnanimity of asking you to repent; because you will never succeed in this way by the grace of Allah and I swear by Allah that we will never stop killing you because Allah commanded us to kill people like you. If we pity you and spare you, one day you will become infidels, so to us having pity on you is an act of disbelief. You can continue to run or hide your identities in women’s attire, but we will get to you and remove the women clothing off you. Then while you are shouting for mercy, we will strike, smash your heads and kill you all.

“Even if you don’t do anything to us we will kill you. We would do it even to avenge our brethren. You killed our brethren in large numbers. We don’t joke with religion. (Quoting from the Koran) – “There is no hypocrisy in this religion. It is only the truth.” Therefore, woe on to you, vigilante. Woe on to you. It is Allah that torments you and even tomorrow Allah will torment you. By Allah you will never achieve your aim. I swear by Allah.

“To the Americans: who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is Israel in the sight of Allah? Who is France in the sight of Allah? It is only when we don’t have firm belief. We don’t fear you at all. We are the ones who carried out all these attacks. Not just Gwoza but all the attacks you see in Borno (state) or any part of the country. We are the ones carrying them out.

“This is the life for us; it is our world and we are living it out. How can one fear these American people if one is indeed a believer? One needs not to. This is the speech I have to make which is a warning for worse things to come. Better submit to Allah before it becomes too late.”

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  • eric says:

    They fear nobody and live in a surreal world void of reality just as AQ had no fear of the US. The Sunni/Shia war is thousands of years old and the radical Muslim world would exist even if Obama was never born. Remember, 9/11 happened under Bush. Remember there were a dozen embassy attacks under Bush, not counting those in Iraq. Your opinion is based on hate of the Pres, not facts.

  • Ambassador says:

    Well I blame two factors for your Brutal Actions. 1. Your Ignorance. 2. The Church. Don’t be surprised I am not blaming the devil this time. Because thats what we christians do.
    As a nation, Nigerian churches has failed by neglecting the CORE MANDATE which was assigned to her by Christ Jesus. This mandate is to preach the gospel for SALVATION AND DISCIPLES breeding for Christ Jesus (this the imams has done perfectly and thier disciples are now fighting for the doctrines they have been taught).
    This MANDATE has been neglected to preaching the gospel for the money,fame,prosperity,healing and supremacy of number of members here and abroad. People now serve God because the pastor said health and wealth is for thee when you serve God ,peharps there is a delay of this promise made by the pastor, the converts backslide and look for another quick miracle giving church, ofcourse the pastors does not care if you serve God all they care is: how many branches do i have now,how many Members do i have now,how much was today’s offering and tithe and so much carnal thoughts. The dont care on breeding DISCIPLES FOR CHRIST. Iniquities, sexual immoralities are been tolerated by So called ‘Anointed Men Of God’,even cheap LIES from the altar just to flavour the message . Check out Turkey, how they(churches ) went down same path Nigerian churches are threading on. Now they are reduced from 90% Christians to 0.5% christians nationwide. Muslims has taken over.
    Now GOD is allowing BOKO HARAM AND upcoming EBOLA to cane our buttocks so hard so we can repent of our sins and go back to the core mandate. Churches feel other Churches have different doctrines so they serve God differently. What did Jesus say about a divided house? Please join hands in prayers and lets lift up Jesus name high above BOKO HARAM just as the Bronze Snake was lifted high and those that looked at it were saved,hence we have to look at the Name Of JESUS CHRIST for help. The church in Nigeria has failed God,thats why these Fools called Boko Haram Have Mouths to Mock our God. Let sin depart from you,you,you,you and me. Soon GOD will hid to our cry and heal our land.

  • Luke101 says:

    LOL these azz clowns certainly don’t fear Obama, that is clear….

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