Ebola deaths pass 1000 mark, says WHO

Ebola deaths pass 1000 mark, says WHO

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 8:13 am

Ebola- carrying the dead in Liberia

Ebola- carrying the dead in Liberia

The #Ebolavirus has killed 1,013 people and infected another 1,848, latest World Health Organisation data showed.

The fatalities include 52 deaths recorded between August 7-9 in the four West African countries at the centre of the epidemic — Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria — according to the data released late Monday.

The WHO data came as a US drug company MAPP Bio Pharmaceuticals dispatched to Liberia  all the available experimental drug for treating the often deadly  virus.

“In responding to the request received this weekend from a West African nation, the available supply of ZMapp is exhausted,” said a statement on the Mapp Bio website.

“Any decision to use ZMapp must be made by the patients’ medical team,” it said, adding that the drug was “provided at no cost in all cases.”

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has acknowledged receiving the drugs.

The two American missionary workers who fell ill with Ebola while working in Monrovia last month were given doses of the drug.

Both have been transported to an isolation unit at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, where they are receiving continuous care.

A Spanish priest who was sickened with Ebola has also been given a dose.

The ethics of distributing experimental medications to some people but not others was the focus of a special meeting of the World Health Organization on Monday.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has repeatedly stressed that the drug’s effects are unknown, since it has not been through a process of rigorous clinical trials.

There is no medicine or vaccine for Ebola on the world market, although Glaxo-Smithkline said it may be ready with a vaccine next year.

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