Jonathan: Liberian who brought Ebola to Nigeria a madman

Jonathan: Liberian who brought Ebola to Nigeria a madman

Monday, August 11, 2014 10:37 pm

Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja

President Goodluck Jonathan may have ruffled some diplomatic feathers in Liberia, with his likening of Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer who was the  Ebola virus vector to Nigeria, as a madman.

“It is unfortunate that one mad man brought the Ebola virus to us, but we have to contain it,” said Jonathan, during a conference  organised by the Interfaith Initiative.

The conference had the theme: “The Imperative of Interfaith Understanding and Cooperation for Responsible Politics.” 

The President lamented the action of  Patrick Sawyer and warned Nigerians against handling the dead, since it is during burials that most victims contracted the disease. 

Patrick Sawyer: the Liberian American who brought Ebola to Nigeria

Patrick Sawyer: the Liberian American who brought Ebola to Nigeria

He added that reports showed that the American-Liberian, Patrick Sawyer, who imported the virus to Nigeria contracted the virus when he attended the burial of his sister.

“Beware of burial ceremonies,” said the President,  who noted that information available to him indicated  that about 60 per cent of the cases of the virus were transmitted during burials. 

“Some people like burial ceremonies. This is not the time for burial ceremony. Somebody is dead, he is dead, leave him there. This is not the best time for those ceremonies.

“If he is dead, he is already dead, Sawyer that brought this Ebola to Nigeria; his sister died of Ebola. And he started acting somehow.  His country asked him not to leave the country. Let them observe him, but the crazy man decided to leave and found his way here,” said the President who added that it would not take the country more than two months to overcome the health challenge if everything is done to contain it.

To achieve the goal of containment, he said he will meet with governors of the 36 states of Nigeria and their health commissioners in Abuja on Wednesday to deliberate on measures to curtail the spread of Ebola Virus Disease in the country.

President Jonathan  said  the support of religious leaders will be needed for the overall success of the initiatives. 

President Jonathan assured that the federal government will assist states where necessary to  ensure that they are prepared to tackle the disease. 

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  • princess says:

    Madman is an understatement.

  • kolade says:

    yes, sawyer was a mad man

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