Onazi Distances Self From Match-fixing Allegations

Onazi Distances Self From Match-fixing Allegations

Sunday, June 1, 2014 9:59 pm

Nigerian midfieler Ogenyi Onazi has responded to reports naming him in an alleged match-fixing plot, stating he has no link whatsoever with any match-fixing syndicate.

In a series of tweets posted on his twitter account this evening, Onazi confirmed he had been contacted by Henry Okoroji to attend a meeting for the purpose of a possible endorsement deal.

The Lazio midfielder further stated that on reaching the meeting venue, he refused to take part in it and left after finding out the true intent of the meeting was for match-fixing.

Onazi also expressed surprise that Mr. Okoroji was supposedly a FIFA licensed agent according to reports, stating that ”my previous contact with Mr. Okoroji was based on the fact that we are both Nigerians.”

In his tweets, Onazi said, ”My attention has been drawn to a publication relating to issues about match fixing. First, let me state unequivocally that I have no link whatsoever to any individual or group with ties to the corrupt issues of match-fixing.”

”On the day of this meeting, [Mr. Okoroji] had earlier told me that his associates had an endorsement proposition for my consideration. I duly informed my friend who manages my affairs. When I got to the meeting, I found out it was all about fixing matches. I told them a resounding NO and left.”

Onazi is currently with the Nigeria football team preparing for the 2014 World Cup in Barzil, where the Super Eagles will face Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Argentina in the group stage.

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