Championing Security: The Exemplary Leadership of CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel

CP Gumel

By Sadiku Sammani Lawan
A Beacon of Excellence in Policing
CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel, FIPMA, psc, is a distinguished law enforcement leader whose innovative and community-focused approach has significantly transformed the security landscape of Kano State. Hailing from Gumel Local Government Area in Jigawa State, Nigeria, CP Gumel’s journey is a testament to his dedication to public service and security.
Educational and Professional Foundations
CP Gumel’s comprehensive educational background, includes his obtaining of B.ED (Islamic Studies) and masters degree in Educational Technology respectively from the institutions of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and Federal University of Technology, Minna, upon which the solid foundation for his career was laid. His academic pursuits in Islamic Studies and Educational Technology provided him with a diverse perspect on leadership and problem-solving approaches to issues. This academic rigor is matched by his professional trajectory, which saw him rise from a Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police to the Commissioner of Police in Kano State, with significant roles in intelligence, training, and international peacekeeping with speciality on Docterine and Strategic Assessment in International Peace Support Operations.
Kano Emirate Crisis and the Role Played by Gumel in Dousing Tension
The Kano Emirate Crisis of 2024, rooted in longstanding political and historical tensions, escalated dramatically in May 2024 when the Kano State Government reinstated Muhammadu Sanusi II as the Emir of Kano. This move displaced Aminu Ado Bayero, who had been installed by the previous administration. Sanusi’s reinstatement, following his controversial removal in 2020, ignited significant unrest, with conflicting loyalties dividing the populace and leading to a series of legal confrontations.Amidst the heightened tensions, the Federal High Court ordered Sanusi’s eviction from the emir’s palace, while the Kano State High Court issued an injunction preventing his eviction, resulting in a legal impasse. In this volatile environment, CP Gumel played a pivotal role in maintaining peace and preventing violence. He quickly mobilized his team, coordinating closely with the Department of State Security Service and other security agencies to ensure enhanced patrols and strategic house-to-house searches, preempting potential disturbances.CP Gumel’s proactive measures included deploying additional Mobile Police personnel and making public appeals for calm, urging residents to respect the rule of law. His efforts were instrumental in reducing the risk of violence, ensuring that both supporters of Sanusi and Bayero could express their views without resorting to conflict. By effectively managing the security apparatus, CP Gumel ensured that the crisis did not escalate into widespread violence, showcasing his adept handling of complex, high-stakes situations.
Innovative Crime Prevention Strategies
CP Gumel’s tenure has been marked by innovative approaches to crime prevention. His strategy focused on community engagement, professional conduct, and the strategic use of technology. This approach has not only improved security but also strengthened the bond between the police and the communities they serve.
Community-Centric Policing
A key element of CP Gumel’s leadership has been his emphasis on community-centric policing. Understanding that the people of Kano are politically conscious and proactive, he has prioritized transparency and accountability. By welcoming constructive criticism and fostering a collaborative environment, CP Gumel has ensured that the police force is responsive to the needs and concerns of the public. This has been instrumental in building trust and cooperation between the police and the community.
Rehabilitation and Reintegration Initiatives
One of the most notable achievements under CP Gumel’s leadership is the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of 222 repentant thugs. This initiative, supported by the Kano State Government, traditional institutions, and various organizations, has been a game-changer in reducing crime. The program offers scholarships and skills acquisition opportunities to these individuals, enabling them to lead productive lives. This non-kinetic approach to crime prevention has garnered widespread praise and has significantly reduced youth-related crimes in the state.
Technological Advancements in PolicingCP Gumel is also a strong advocate for the integration of technology in policing. His plans to establish a technology-based Police Division on Dala Hills are revolutionary.This initiative aims to transform Dala Hills from a crime hideout into a strategic point for crime monitoring and prevention, leveraging modern technology to enhance security across Kano State.
Recognition and Community Support
CP Gumel’s innovative and effective policing strategies have earned him numerous accolades and widespread recognition. Esteemed figures, including the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, have praised his efforts in crime prevention and community engagement. Organizations such as UK Metropolitan Police and the Kano Leadership, Enlightenment & Advocacy for Development Initiative (LEADS) have honored him for his exceptional contributions to security and in particular his chosen award by the current InspectorGeneral of Police for being the best Community Policing Advocate of the Year.
Future Prospects
Under CP Gumel’s leadership, the Kano State Police Command is on a path to sustained success. His focus on professionalism, community partnership, and technological innovation is setting new standards in policing. As the state continues to benefit from his strategic vision, the future looks promising for the people of Kano. CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel’s tenure as Commissioner of Police in Kano State exemplifies the power of innovative leadership in law enforcement. His commitment to community-centric strategies, rehabilitation programs, and technological advancements is transforming Kano into a safer and more secure state. Through his exemplary leadership, CP Gumel is not only maintaining peace but also paving the way for long-term stability and development in the region.