How I met my Serbian husband on an online dating app – Nurse Glory

How I met my Serbian husband on an online dating app – Nurse Glory

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 11:10 am

Nurse Glory, her Serbian husband, Dacko, her mother in law and children

Nurse Glory, her Serbian husband, Dacko, her mother in law and children

 By Nehru Odeh

Nurse Glory, a Nigerian-born lady and content creator who has 743,000 followers on Facebook has shared how she met her Serbian husband, Dacko, on an online dating app. The couple currently live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The intriguing thing about her story is that she and the man made love on the first day they met. They got married on October 2018. And since then, as the saying goes, both couple have been living happily ever after.

Nurse Glory

Nurse Glory

Glory, who had been a single mother of one before she met her husband while she was a nursing student in the Phillipines took to her Facebook page to share her intriguing story on Tuesday 30 April, 2024.

According to Glory, who now has two children for her Serbian husband, she had first recounted her story on a viral video, but she received not a little bashing for trolls who accused her of being an opportunist and for sleeping with the man on the first day. Glory had been a single mother of a son resident in Nigeria.

“I know some of you will judge me after reading this but it’s ok 😂  I already shared it with y’all in one of my viral videos on how I met my Serbian husband. A lot of people criticized me in the comment section for sleeping with him on the first day that we met 😂

“Listen, I knew it was bad but I had already made up my mind to do it because opportunity comes but once, ” Glory said.

Nurse Glory, husband and kid

Nurse Glory, husband and kid

She then went to share the intriguing story about how she met her Serbian husband. According to her while using the dating app, many men were requesting for her nude pictures but Dacko who would be her future husband never requested for such pictures.

“While I was using the dating app, most of the men I came across were requesting for my nude pictures and it was a turn-off for me until I met Darko. I was waiting for him to request for nude pictures as others were asking, and he didn’t. Instead, he requested for my WhatsApp number so we can take the discussion out of the dating app.

Nurse Glory

Nurse Glory

“He called me on a video call and we exchanged pleasantries. While talking, I asked him why he didn’t request for nudes, he smiled and said real men don’t request for such. They just go for what they want.

“He said he came to the Philippines for vacation but would be traveling back to Kuwait soon. So we should meet, we agreed to meet.

“On the day of the meeting, this man saw me and hugged me so tight. He was very happy to see me because he thought I wasn’t going to show up.

“He smelled so good, he was all smiles when he saw me like he won a lottery, he dressed nice and opened the front door of the car for me to enter,

“And we drove to a shopping mall. He bought me a white dress and some underwear so I don’t have to wear the same clothes next day and because the next day was supposed to be my birthday as well..

” After that, we went to a restaurant to have dinner and later on, we drove to the hotel he had booked.

“To cut a long story short, we did a one-night stand, and I said let me try white men small 🙈 and besides I’m no longer a virgin coz I was a single mom (please judge me o, I deserve it 😂).  But make sure that you are very holy before you do that 😂

“After our night together, I kept in touch. I checked on him. I sent him sweet and encouraging text messages. I prayed for him. I was updating him about my day. I showed him that I cared so much about him because I loved how he treated me that day that we met. He had no choice but to become interested in me.

“one day he said to me, nobody had ever cared for him this way apart from his mother and sister. Well, I made him so addicted to me and in October 2018, he bought a ring, flew to the Philippines, and engaged me on the night he landed and  we got married the next day. And today our family is growing.

God is good 😂” She maintained with a smile emoji.


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