Liberia: Boakai To Upgrade Regional Maritime Center

President Joseph Boakai below and the Liberian Regional Maritime Center

Abubakar Hashim

President Joseph Boakai has directed the newly appointed Director General of the Liberia Maritime Authority LMA to commence, with immediate effect, the total upgrade of the Monrovia Regional Maritime Rescue Coordination Center MRMRCC, to elevate its standards to meet international expectations.

MRMRCC, focuses on safety of maritime activities in Liberia’s coastal waters, exclusive zones and even in international waters, providing 24/7 operational activities.

The newly appointed DG, LMA, Neto Lighe, did an extensive working tour to the MRMRCC, to inform personnel on Boakai’s directive to elevate its standing procedures.

Liberia is the leading offshore vessel operator in the international high seas, with country’s national flag on international vessels across major sea ports. The use of a country’s national flag in international trade and commerce, is a major revenue earner to the country’s treasury.

Realising the potential, President Boakai has now focused on LMA’s operational development, particularly safety and inspection standards of vessels, to meet international standards.

LMA is a major revenue spinner of the government. The country’s flag is flown on major commercial ships anchoring on major sea ports in the world.

Since he came to power in January, President Boakai has pursued major reforms to beef up revenues and scale down of corruption through blocking of leakages and elimination of ghost worker.

*Abubakar Hashim is the West Africa Bureau Chief of TheNEWS Magazine based in Sierra Leone