In Sanwo-Olu’s Lagos, labourers get deserved wages

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu


By Funke Cole

Every worker, regardless of his/her status either presently serving or retired, is entitled to a living wage, which, after all, is well within his/her rights!

For Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, all Lagos State workers are most deserving of the efforts of their toil and cognition, which is why his administration has made it a point of duty to fulfill that constitutional mandate without failing.

While workers usually smile to the banks every 24th and 25th of the month to earn their paychecks, those who have left the service are not left out of these largesse as they also enjoy the generosity of the state government in that regards.

Unlike many other states, where retirees are condemned to a life of penury after putting in years of meritorious service and have to endure long years of delays waiting for their pensions, their counterparts in Lagos State are enjoying the best of times.

Month on month, year on year, pensioners literally cash out in a manner of speaking!
Last month, the state government disbursed N4.48 billion to another set of 1,455 retirees as accrued pensions.

This payment occurred at the event of the 104th retirement bonds certificate presentation, arranged by the Lagos State Pension Commission (LASPEC).

During the 103rd retirement bonds certificate presentation in February, where LASPEC disbursed N3.2 billion in accrued pensions to 1,013 retirees, the governor committed to disbursing at least N4 billion in the following month.

He guaranteed that, to settle all outstanding accrued pensions before mid-year, the state government would disburse an additional N3 billion in April.

“While we acknowledge the backlog in the payment of accrued rights, our attention is focused on systematically eliminating the backlog”’ Sanwo-Olu said in February.

Subsequently, LASPEC’s Director-General, Mr. Babalola Obilana announced during Thursday’s event that the released funds were allocated to civil servants retiring before the 2007 start of the Contributory Pension Scheme.

Obilana lauded the governor for his unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people of the state, noting that Sanwo-Olu had kept his word by settling all pension arrears and guaranteed that by mid-2024, retirees in the state would receive their entitlements immediately upon leaving service.

“On behalf of Governor Sanwo-Olu and the entire Lagos State Government, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you present at this memorable event. Lagos State is thankful for your accomplishments and the enduring contributions you have made throughout your distinguished careers.

“You have exemplified the values that define Lagos State – integrity, commitment, and excellence.

“Your dedication and hard work has contributed to the dream of a `Greater Lagos’. You are a source of inspiration for us all. Your legacy will undoubtedly continue to resonate within the public service”, Obilana said.

On his part, the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa promised that lawmakers would continue to support legislations to further improve the lives of pensioners.

Represented by the Chairman of the House Committee on Establishments, Training, Pensions and Public Service, Hon. Oladele Ajayi, the Speaker stated that the state is the only one in the country that is committed to monthly payment of pension benefits.

He assured that by the month of May, outstanding accrued pensions owed by the state would be cleared. “All we want is your trust and support for this administration to thrive. Be assured that we will not fail you”, he said.

Still wondering why Lagos State is the best place to work in Nigeria? Well, a kobo for your thoughts! You need not cudgel your brains anymore than you should be surprised because just as Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is a habit.”

Lagos State remains the Centre of Excellence because excellence is in its DNA!