What inspired our wedding channel on DSTV – Michaels Olatunde

Michaels Olatunde

DSTV is to launch an exclusive 24-hour Wedding Channel dedicated to celebrating love, romance, and unforgettable moments showing on DSTV Channel 176. In this interview, Michaels Olatunde, former GM of Kwara TV and CEO of Wedding Channel Africa, explains what brought about the vision and the prospects in it.

What inspired the Wedding Channel?

This is not my first channel, I have worked with different brands, from Soundcity to Trace TV, Spice TV, Business TV and a couple of other ones that are probably still coming. So, I am in the business of media and I understand that there is a vacuum that has not been explored in the media and can be projected or amplified. This is one of the drives and it is a platform that allows you to do it well. In the wedding industry, even if we have had some in it previously, it is not a challenge to be the first to do it well. To make both the VIPs and ordinary people associate with it.

If you look at the entertainment, music industry and film; these are disciplines or areas that we can see a lot with the music channels and drama channels across different platforms, especially DSTV. And if you look at the wedding channel or wedding platform, it is not that platform that has been explored. Some people have tried it but again, the wedding industry as much as we think content, we would have to think about the industry on its own which employs hundreds of people without records.

There is no part of Africa where weddings aren’t a big deal. Even to the point that weekends are tagged the “owambe” weekends. So, it is a big deal and if you look at that area, how can you project what people have been trying to do on a bigger scale? It will only help to amplify the essence and beauties of weddings, the contents, vendors and the industry on its own. Our great aim was just to create a platform that showcases the industry and the people in it.

Ordinarily, when you watch weddings you cry, it is not acting, it is natural and an industry different from other industries. We are on the path that will amplify it better than where it is from.

Can you take us through how this channel has evolved since you conceived the idea years ago?

It is in process. When you have an idea, you bring people together and the likes of Oscar have been with me right from day one. The idea was in 2016 but it kicked off in 2017 and before now, for two and a half years we have been running about 3 hours’ minimum content on Ebonylife TV. And we moved to 5 hours daily on Ebonylife TV. So, the plan has always been to go to TV but we needed to partner with some people. Silverbird and at some point, we went on TVC as well. However, ever since then we have been pushing and running our 24-hour agenda till this point.

The thing with television is that I am just never ready because the content changes almost every season. There are so many dynamics when it comes to television and for us, we have evolved through this journey as well in terms of content production and where we are today

What were the challenges for you?

The challenges were all the challenges of doing business in our country or Africa. You have the electricity, equipment, money to staff, contents etc. The same challenges everyone has are the same challenges we face as well. TV is even worse because once you go into action, you can’t stop again. Once you start, that is the beginning of another journey. You will have to keep producing and buying equipment, running electricity, and paying career fees, so it never stops. There are lots of challenges and you don’t want to think about that because you would not just do it.

What is the motivating effect your brand is going to have on the audience?

We plan to celebrate love, families, and the beauty of weddings in Africa. And with the hope that as time goes on it will be able to have a people effect. Intending couples get to watch and see what others have done. TV experience is just completely different from reading it on Instagram or online. We intend to touch people’s lives, we have a programme for those who have been married for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. It helps to listen and watch other people’s stories and see how you can apply that to your own.

More importantly, viewers can now immerse themselves in a continuous stream of captivating wedding content, from enchanting ceremonies to expert advice on planning the perfect day. This unique channel promises to be a one-stop destination for all things weddings, offering a diverse range of programmes that cater to every aspect of the marital journey.

The 24-hour wedding Channel, airing on DSTV channel 176, will highlight Real-Life Love Stories, expert wedding tips, exclusive wedding tips, destination weddings, live wedding broadcasts, and more.

Viewers will experience the magic of genuine love with heartwarming tales from couples around the world, get insights from renowned wedding planners, designers, and industry experts on creating a dream wedding and stay on top of the latest trends with glamorous bridal fashion shows featuring top designers and their stunning collections.

The Wedding Channel will also explore breathtaking locales and discover the allure of destination weddings, inspiring your dream celebration. It will also provide live coverage of spectacular weddings, making you feel like a guest at every event.

The 24-Hour Wedding Channel on DSTV is a testament to our commitment to delivering diverse, engaging content that resonates with our audience. Whether you are planning your big day or simply a fan of love stories, our new channel promises to be an endless source of inspiration and joy.

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