Jvson: The singer who wants to win souls with his music

Emmanuel Mark Jonahm (Jvson)

Emmanuel Mark Jonahm (Jvson)

Who is Jvson?

Jvson is an Afro-gospel artist originally from Adamawa state, though he was born and raised in Jos, Plateau State. He currently resides in Manchester, UK as he pursues his education and music career.

Growing up, Jvson came from a humble background as one of six children. His parents, a civil servant and an engineer, raised the family in the Christian faith. He began his education at an early age, later earning his BSc in Management Information Systems with second class honours in 2018. In 2023, he moved to the UK to study International Business at the University of Salford.

Regarding his creative process, Jvson shares that he is blessed to work with producers who understand his musical style. They often send him customised beats which spark his writing. He wants to document more of his creative process to give fans an inside look.

Jvson has been developing his music career for 5 years now, though he has focused specifically on the business side for the past 2 years. He was driven by the experience of grinding as an independent artist – writing songs, recording on free beats, self-promoting with no support system. He now hopes to create a more welcoming ecosystem for rising talents.

Balancing his multifaceted music career and other obligations has been challenging at times, admitting he sometimes breaks down from the pressure. But by God’s grace, he has persevered in following his calling.

As Jvson looks ahead, he plans to release more singles and network with others in his field, working toward an EP or album. He seeks to evolve his signature sound to continual meet his listeners’ tastes. Awards and sold-out shows are accomplishments he sees in his 5-10 year horizon.

At his core, Jvson believes his ability to translate raw emotion into relatable music makes him a compelling artist. He names artists like NF, Travis Greene and Nathaniel Bassey as influences. However, even if he weren’t making music, Jvson feels it’s the only thing he’s 100% skilled at – he cannot imagine another career path.

Jvson embraces independence as an artist, feeling labels can do more harm than good when unsigned. However, he remains open to collaborations with major Nigerian gospel and afropop stars to spread his message. For now, he is focused on promoting his latest single “Surrender” as he continues to hone his art.