Liberia: President Boakai Goes Tough, Mandates Audit of CBL, NSA, EPS, Others

Liberia: President Boakai Goes Tough, Mandates Audit of CBL, NSA, EPS, Others

Friday, February 9, 2024 2:35 pm

Liberia, President Joseph Boakai, Audit, CBL, NSA, EPS, President George Weah,

President Joseph Boakai and his aides

Abubakar Hashim/ Sierra Leone

President Joseph Boakai has mandated the General Audit Commission GAC, to conduct a forensic audit of three critical government agencies, the Central Bank of Liberia, (CBL), the National Security Agency, (NSA)and the Executive Protective Services, EPS. Other agencies will soon follow similar processes.

The audit covers the period between 2018 to 2023, with its findings to be reported in three months.

Meaning, that the audit spans the six-year governance of former President George Weah.

This is a fulfilment of Boakai’s promise during his campaign trail, his inaugural speech and his first State of the Nation address.

This marks the beginning of a total and comprehensive audit of government and agencies, in line with fighting corruption.

In his first state of the nation address, President Boakai revealed a stunning statement: “The net international reserves as at end of December 2023, was $ 220 million. The report of $40 million as the Government of Liberia GOL consolidated account balance as at January 19, 2024, is not supported by facts. The balance reported by the Central Bank of Liberia CBL, as at the same date, was $20.5 million, highly encumbered, not $40 million”. The statement shows  multilayered inconsistencies.

The audit cuts across all sectors of governance, not only the executive.

Meanwhile, President Boakai has also made new appointments. Dr Augustine Konneh is now the Senior Advisor to the President. McDella Cooper, Senior Political Advisor to the President. Daniel Johnson, now heads Roberts Flight Information Region, RFIR.

President Boakai also declared his assets, underwent a negative drug test and promised more robust reforms in the Liberian governance architecture.

The signs are imminently clear that Liberia is on a re-birth

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