Edo guber: Without reconciling Obaseki, Orbih, Angel Michael will lose election in PDP – Party leader warns

Governor Godwin Obaseki

By Jethro Ibileke

Okosun who is the senatorial caucus and Edo central district chairman of the party, gave the warning at the party secretariat in Uromi, during the visit of a governorship aspirant, Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama.

He maintained that the two factions in the party must work together in order to present a formidable candidate for the election, else, the PDP will labour for the victory of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

Using the analogy of the man who after labouring hard to milk his cow but lost the milk and the cow to ants out of anger, Okosun appealed to Ogbeide-Ihama to help bring the two factions in the party together.

According to him, without unity in the party, neither the Governor Obaseki or Dan Orbih’s faction of the PDP will win the governorship election, even if it presents biblical Angel Michael as it’s candidate.

He said: “I want to beg you [Ogbeide-Ihama], our labour shall not be in vain, so that at the end of the day, we don’t labour for the APC or Labour Party to enjoy. You are fully aware of the faction in PDP as you are not a stranger in the party.

“God has put you in a position to to help us to reconcile, because as long as that faction is there, PDP will not go to Osadebe House. One faction can not do it.

“We did it in Edo central and we lost the senatorial seat, we lost the national assembly seat. Today, the ants are drinking the milk.Please, help us to pull the two factions together.”

Continuing, Okosun said: “As I said in Abuja, if one faction, if the governor’s faction go to heaven to bring Angel Michael, without the other faction, he will contest and fail. If Dan Orbih’s faction go to heaven to bring Angel Michael, he will contest the election and fail.

“But if the two of them join together and go to hell and bring the devil, they will contest election and win. Therefore, I am begging you, please use your good office to bring peace to the party.

“Osadebe House is for PDP. Let us not continue to fight so that at the end of the day, APC or Labour Party will not go there,” he advised.

Earlier, Ogbeide-Ihama, a two-time ember of House of Representatives, told the party leaders in the area that his visit was to formally inform them of his ambition and to solicit for their nomination during the party’s primaries.

He promised to replicate his developmental strides in Oredo federal constituency across the state, and vowed to be governor for all the people in Edo, if elected.