Obaro pens advisory goodwill message for governor-elect Ododo

Chief Momoh Yusuf Obaro, right, and Governor-elect Ahmed Usman Ododo

Chief Momoh Yusuf Obaro and Governor-elect Ahmed Usman Ododo, Kogi State,
Richard Elesho
A United Kingdom based Chartered Accountant and chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Chief Momoh Yusuf Obaro, has congratulated Kogi state governor-elect Ododo Ahmed Usman as he prepares for his inauguration, urging him to remain focused on unity, peace, progress and running an inclusive government.
Obaro also rejoiced with Governor Yahaya Bello for successfully ending his tenure, noting that his contributions will remain indelible in the minds of the people.
The community leader and Software Engineer in the message he made available to journalists described Ododo’s election as a resounding victory well deserved and expressed the hope that in view of his outstanding qualities, his assumption of office will mark the beginning of a new and promising chapter in the state’s history.
He noted that Ododo had distinguished himself during the campaigns, emphasising that his vision for a better, more prosperous future for the state is truly inspiring. He expressed confidence that incoming governor will build upon the achievements of his predecessor, paving the way for even greater progress and development.
The message reads: “It is with great pleasure and excitement that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on your resounding victory as the governor-elect of Kogi State. The upcoming swearing-in ceremony on the 27th of January 2024 marks the beginning of a new and promising chapter in the history of our state, and I am confident that you possess the exceptional capacity to meet the high expectations of the people and build upon the achievements of your esteemed predecessor.
“Your inspiring leadership and unwavering commitment to the welfare of our citizens have undoubtedly resonated with the people of Kogi State, culminating in a well-deserved mandate to lead and govern. Your vision for the progress and prosperity of our state has inspired hope and ignited a collective sense of optimism among our fellow citizens, and it is this vision that will undoubtedly steer us towards a future filled with promise and opportunity.
“As you prepare to assume the mantle of leadership, I have no doubt that you will lead with wisdom, compassion, and an unwavering dedication to the betterment of our beloved state. Your profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead will undoubtedly equip you to navigate the complexities of governance with grace and fortitude.
“The road ahead may present its share of challenges, but I am confident that your passion for service and your steadfast commitment to the well-being of our citizens will guide you through any obstacles that may arise. Your ability to connect with people from all walks of life and your inclusive approach to governance will undoubtedly serve as a powerful catalyst for positive change and sustainable development.
“I encourage you to remain steadfast in your determination to foster unity, progress, and inclusivity within our state. By embracing transparency, accountability, and open dialogue with the people, you will undoubtedly lay the foundation for a more just, equitable, and prosperous Kogi State. Your leadership will inspire hope, instil confidence, and empower our citizens to actively participate in the journey towards a brighter future for all.
“As you embark on this noble and challenging endeavour, I extend my best wishes and unwavering support. Your leadership will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the history of Kogi State, and I am eager to witness the positive impact that you will undoubtedly make. Your journey as the governor-elect is an opportunity to shape the destiny of our state, and I have every confidence that you will rise to the occasion with grace, humility, and a profound sense of purpose.
“Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved victory, and may the coming years be filled with success, fulfilment, and the enduring gratitude of the people you serve.”