Don’t be frightened so long as I hold the red Biro as Governor we’re Winners- Fubara

Governor Siminalayi Fubara at the Crossover service at St.Paul Anglican Archdeaconery Parish,Opobo, Opobo Nkoro local government area of Rivers State

*I’ll continue to act as Big Brother for peace to reign

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Rivers State governor, Siminalayi Fubara has urged Rivers people not to lose faith because as long as he still holds the Red Biro signing government documents as Governor  Rivers people are the ultimate winners in the political crisis that is disturbing the peace of the state.

He assured that he would not be detracted to bring development to the state.

Speaking at St. Paul’s Archedeaconry parish in Opobo Town during the crossover into 2024 church service, governor Fubara declared that he is still the winner in the ongoing political crisis.

Governor Fubara said he will continue to play the role of the big brother by doing whatever it is that will bring about peace.

“I will behave like the big brother. Whatever will give peace, I will continue to do it.

“So, I want to urge every one here, don’t be frightened.

“What they want is this red biro but it is still with me.

“We are the winners because we are still signing with the red biro.

“So long as we are signing with the red biro, development will continue in Rivers State.”

Governor Fubara assured that nothing will stop his administration from getting to its destination.

This is because its foundation is laid solidly in God who alone will give the grace to complete the process of building.

The governor also assured that there is already a desired development agenda and level of progress determined for Rivers State in 2024.

Governor Fubara emphasised that he will not relent in working for the good of the state.

He expressed gratitude to President Bola Tinubu for his fatherly role in helping the process of restoring peace in Rivers State.

“Like I keep saying, it takes a responsible father to be a father.

“He acted like a father. On our part, we will continue to give him all the necessary support because if he does not succeed in Rivers State, he will not succeed as a President.

“So, as a State, we will continue to give him every support.

“We are not pretenders. Our support is genuine and it is to lift up his programmes. Our sacrifices are part of the support.”

Governor Fubara also thanked Rivers people for their unwavering support, describing them as believers in true Rivers State.

He urged them to trust the decisions that he takes because no one will be thrown under the box and vowed to stand firm in defence as their governor.

Fubara gave the assurance against the backdrop of the resignation of Edison Ehie,the factional Speaker, as a member of the Rivers House of Assembly representing Ahoada East Constituency 2, which took political watchers as surprise.

In his sermon, Bishop of the Diocese of Niger Delta, Right Reverend Emmanuel Oko-Jaja admonished on the 2024 Theme, which is “I will never forget you.”

He assured that God will surely restore Nigeria to its expected height of glory and stable economy.

Bishop Oko-Jaja said God will not disappoint those who put their trust him in 2024 because they will enjoy his providence, and guidance as he turns every event in their life into promotion, keeping them far away from confusion and the spirit of wondering.