Time For Progressive Governors  Forum To Safeguard Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna’s Mandate

Seyi Olorunsola

By Seyi Olorunsola
In the wake of the legal battles surrounding the gubernatorial elections in Kano that took place on March 18, 2023, it is imperative for the APC Governors’ Forum to break its silence and rally around its candidate, Dr. Nasiru Gawuna.
The recent victories at the election tribunal and the Appeal Court have set the stage for the final judgment at the Supreme Court, making it crucial for the APC Governors to provide moral support and uphold the integrity of the party.
The election dispute, initiated by the APC against the victory of the NNPP candidate, has been marked by legal intricacies, public scrutiny, and a campaign of calumny by the NNPP, extending even to questioning the independence of the judiciary. In this challenging period, the APC Governors’ Forum must assert its influence and solidarity to ensure a fair and just resolution at the Supreme Court.
The NNPP’s appeal to the international community to intervene in Nigeria’s internal affairs further underscores the gravity of the situation. The action has conspiracy written all over it and it has the tendency to whip up all kinds of sentiments around it. The APC Governors’ Forum cannot afford to remain indifferent to these developments, as the implications go beyond the individual case of Dr. Nasiru Gawuna to the broader image and credibility of the party.
The conspicuous silence of the APC Governors’ Forum throughout these legal proceedings is concerning. Now, more than ever, the forum must unite and vocally support Dr. Nasiru Gawuna. The importance of this support extends beyond the confines of the party; it is about upholding the principles of democracy, justice, and the rule of law.
It is commendable that the judiciary, from the tribunal to the Appeal Court, has consistently upheld the validity of the APC’s claims.
The revelation that over 100,000 votes, which contributed to the NNPP’s supposed victory, were voided due to their dubious origin (as INEC loudly denied it is their document through its testimony in the court). The APC Governors’ Forum should lend its voice to commend the judiciary for its unwavering stance against electoral malpractice.
The Supreme Court, being the final arbiter in this matter, must be shielded from external pressures and allowed to perform its constitutional duty without fear or favor. The APC Governors’ Forum can play a pivotal role in reinforcing this message, reminding the public and the NNPP that the judiciary’s independence is sacrosanct and must be respected.
The APC Governors must not only support Dr. Nasiru Gawuna but also put the President on notice not to allow extra-democratic forces to use sentimental means to cause him to influence the outcome of the judgement as it is being speculated that there is a brewing “alliance” between the APC and the NNPP by the way the President and the Presidential Candidate of the NNPP in the last elections have been meeting lately.  The APC’s commitment to justice, fairness, and transparency in the electoral process must be resolute, and the APC Governors’ Forum should lead by example.
It is worthy of note that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu from his antecedent is a faithful party man who is averse to any anti-party activities.  It is therefore noteworthy that in the case of the Kano Governorship to be decided at the Supreme Court, we must impress it on him not to bow to any kind of pressure so that his legacy of being a party man be continued to be preserved even as he remains the father to all.
In conclusion, the APC Governors’ Forum must rise to the occasion and rally around Dr. Nasiru Gawuna in the final stages of this legal battle. The party’s unity and the preservation of democratic values are at stake, and the forum’s active participation will not only boost the morale of its members but also send a strong message about the APC’s commitment to upholding the rule of law. Now is the time for the forum to break its silence and stand firmly in support of its candidate and the principles that define the APC.
*Hon. Seyi Olorunsola is
APC Chieftain and Opinion Leader in Kano state