Sierra Leone Coup Attempt Death Toll High, Assailants Now On Escape Mission- Information Minister

Chernor Bah

Abubakar Hashim

Ongoing investigations have revealed that 19 people were dead, including 14 military officers, one policeman, 1 correctional officer and three assailants, including a bodyguard to former President Bai Koroma revealed the Minister of Information, Chernor Bah at today’s press briefing.

There are now 13 military officers and one civilian in custody.

The assailants, the minister further revealed, are on the escape mission through porous borders, while some are still in hiding.

There are 34 police officers on wanted list, including a notorious officer called “ Yeteh Yeteh”, 42 military officers, some serving others retired and some prominent opposition politicians including former minister, Ibrahim Washinga Mansaray.

The curfew is still in place, from 9pm to 6am for proper control of the situation.
There is still an uneasy calm in the country. The country experienced series of coups in the 60s, 70s and 90s.