Why Investment in human assets is crucial -VP Shettima



VP Kashim Shettima

*Solicits support, trust from citizens

The Vice President, Kashim Shettima, has said the Tinubu administration is prioritising investment in human capital and related areas because Nigeria’s greatest asset is its people.

The VP made the remarks during the Barewa Old Boys Association (BOBA) Annual Lecture and Awards ceremony in Abuja at the weekend, just as he commended the organizers for the choice of theme for the lecture.

According to the Vice President who was represented by Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters (Office of the Vice President), Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, the theme of the Annual Lecture “expands the horizon for a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges at the meeting point between the citizen and the State.”

Delivering the VP’s speech at the event, Baba-Ahmed noted that the direction Nigeria is heading will be determined by the quality of the country’s human assets.

He said, “We are burdened by past and current challenges which will take huge efforts to overcome. We are also beckoned by greatness for which we have been well prepared by our huge endowments in human and other resources. The difference in which direction we go will be located in the quality of our human assets.

“The choices we make today will be critical in determining whether we just continue to grow a population, or we build a strong economy to support and add quality to the life of a huge citizenry because we have invested in developing the quality of our population through good and relevant education, health services, an informed access to developing opportunities in technology and growing our natural resources.”

Stressing the need for good governance and a secured country, VP Shettima sought the support of Nigerians, saying in return, the Tinubu administration would strive to build a less challenging economy.

He continued: “We have to ensure good governance and security as priorities, not least because these are vital to inclusive development and the growth and development of the democratic process. From where we stand, Nigeria has no choice than to think and act boldly.

“We need the support and trust of all Nigerians. In return, we have pledged to lead the nation towards building a less challenging economy, in spite of the current hardships which we wish were avoidable. Nigeria’s greatest asset is its people. We have to rediscover and teach our young wholesome values like service, honesty and hard work. As an administration, we have very clear priorities we believe must be achieved.”

Sen. Shettima expressed optimism that the nation will overcome its current challenges and “lay the foundations of sustainable growth and security of the citizen and communities” under President Tinubu’s watch.

He further noted: “We have to compete with what we have. If we will win the battle to be a great nation, we cannot afford to be discouraged by setbacks and limitations imposed by our past and current circumstances.

“We are a resilient and resourceful people, but we have to put these qualities to use in building a strong economy and country our young will be proud of.”