Significance of President Bio’s Twin Investment Summits in Morocco and Saudi

President Bio , second right


Abubakar Hashim , Freetown

Yesterday, President Julius Maada Bio departed to Marrakesh in Morocco, to join colleague African Presidents, for the African Investment Forum AIF, organised by AfDB and AU, from 8 to 10 November 2023.
AIF is a multi stakeholder and multidisciplinary platform, to accelerate critical projects to bankable stages for implementation.
AIF also raises capital and fast track deals to financial closure.

Significance of Bio’s Trip to Sierra Leoneans

1. Lungi Bridge
President Bio will use the AIF platform to canvass the construction of Lungi bridge that has passed feasibility stage. When completed, Lungi will be a financial hub and a new financial capital, with industrial facilities

2. Feed Salone project
The President will also canvass this project, to boost local production, particularly rice, the staple

From the AIF summit, Bio will head to Saudi to join his colleague presidents, for the Saudi-Africa summit, from 10 to 11 November 2023, also under the AU, with similar aims and objectives.
Africa is rich in resources with a 1.4 Billion Dollar market size, peopled with men and women of diverse intellects.

Both projects, Lungi bridge that will also link the capital city to the new international airport and Feed Salone project, are extremely critical to President Bio’s top agenda ….