A father with Passion for Education: Dapo Abiodun’s example

Governor Dapo Abiodun launces educational foundation in memory of his ;late son

Olamide Lawal

It takes a strong heart to immortalize a deceased son.  In the African and religious  parlances,  it is widely believed and often prayed for, that a son should outlive his father.

If the case reverses, it is beyond the control of man and the man is expected to forget about the deceased in order not to hurt him much longer

Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State took an unusual  bold step on Saturday, 7th October, 2023 when he ignited the hopes of indigent children in three local government areas of the state, in the name of his deceased first son, Gbemiga Abiodun who died exactly six years ago.

Apart from other factors, this is somewhat “un-African” as no one ever prayed to lose a child not to talk  of establishing a foundation in his name.

This initiative also proves and confirms that Prince Abiodun is a very good family man who, despite the exigencies of office, still keeps the family together. A virtue that is uncommon around here.

Another important factor that scores the Governor high with this initiative is that it is directed at learners at various levels of education. His belief in the maxim that education “is the best legacy” cannot be doubted.

In the corners of his Remo Federal Constituency, the powerful beacon of hope rose, illuminating the lives of 550 young souls. This beacon, known as the Gbemiga Abiodun Education Program, symbolizes more than just a scholarship program; it embodies the resurgence of hope, youth empowerment, and transformative education in honour and memory of a beloved son.

Popularly known as DJ Olu, Gbemiga who was known for his charisma in the world of hip hop music, especially with his friendship with the likes of Davido, his spirit now lives on through his father’s noble vision of quality education for all.

Prince Dapo Abiodun’s scholarship program envelops the entire educational landscape, reaching into primary and secondary schools, as well as vocational and tertiary institutions. It transcends mere financial assistance; it is a lifeline extended to even disadvantaged youth, guiding them towards knowledge and enlightenment. This initiative underscores the belief that education is not a privilege but a fundamental right, and a guiding light for the less fortunate in the society to make it.

Truly, charity begins at home,  Prince Abiodun epitomizes this, sparking a movement of change within his community in Remo axis. The Gbemiga Abiodun Education Program is more than just financial aid as it instills hope, nurtures dreams, and fosters boundless potential.

By reaching out to brilliant students and those with limited means, Prince Abiodun plants the seeds of a more educated, enlightened, and empowered society. These scholarships represent a commitment to breaking the chains of poverty through knowledge.

Education, as Governor Abiodun aptly recognizes, is the beacon guiding our youth toward prosperity, development, and harmonious co-existence. In a world clouded by uncertainties, this scholarship program emerges as a beacon of certainty, a promise that the future can indeed be better, brighter, and rich with opportunities. It celebrates the impactful journey Gbemiga Abiodun embarked upon during his time on Earth, ensuring his legacy transforms lives.

This initiative, coming rightly after the Election Tribunal validated the Governor’s election mandate, stands as a testament to Governor Dapo Abiodun’s unwavering commitment to redefining social development and youth empowerment. Amidst a flurry of initiatives rolled out in recent days, it showcases his readiness for the task ahead. These efforts, anchored in the pillars of the “ISEYA” Mantra, echo his dedication to uplifting communities, promoting education, and empowering the youth.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the Governor recently announced during the 2023 Teachers Day celebration,  the immediate recruitment of 3000 more teachers into the teaching workforce in the state.

This is another show of love and dedication to the Educational advancement of the state.

It might not be far-fetched as the Governor is exhibiting traits expected of an “Omo Baba Tisa” (Son of a teacher).

Primary and Secondary schools in Ogun state are not only on free education initiative but also on Ogun State Educational Revitalization Agenda (OGSERA) , a project of the Dapo Abiodun administration.

As the Gbemiga Abiodun memorial scholarship program expands to reach 1,000 beneficiaries in the coming months, according to the Governor, it sets in motion a ripple effect, transforming not just individual lives but entire communities. The story of Gbemiga Abiodun becomes a wellspring of inspiration, reminding us that in the face of adversity, beauty can emerge, transcending our own existence.

To the scholarship recipients, you now carry a torch passed down by a soul who believed in the transformative power of education.

Beneficiaries are advised to let this scholarship be more than financial support; let it be the catalyst for your dreams. Seize the opportunity with determination, study diligently, and let your achievements echo the enduring legacy of Gbemiga Abiodun.

In the spirit of this noble initiative, let us, as a society, contemplate the impact we can make. Prince Dapo Abiodun is a worthy example, reaching out to uplift those in need, nurturing talent, and paving the way for a future where education is not just a privilege but an undeniable birthright.

The Gbemiga Abiodun Memorial Scholarship Award serves as a luminous reminder that even in darkness, there’s a flicker of hope, a beacon illuminating our path to a brighter tomorrow.

*Olamide Lawal is a youth advocate, public affairs analyst and climate activist.S