An Election Filled with Tension, Hype and Fun

Abibakar Hashim of TheNEWS in Liberia to monitor the elections

Abubakar Hashim/ Liberia


Tomorrow’s election in Liberia will be remarkable. Never in the history of Liberia’s electoral calendar has there been deep hype, tension and fanfare like tomorrow’s elections.

President George Weah is going for a second round, with main opposition challenger, octogenarian Joseph Boakai, despite old age, is battling for a showdown.

The atmosphere is electric. Liberians like fun, music and dancing. The campaign atmosphere tallies  with Liberians’ deepest quest for merry  making.

From all indications, tomorrow’s elections will spill into a second round, all variables held constant, as it is tightly contested.

Hashim in Liberia

However, President Weah is hopeful for a first round success, due to people oriented policies he showcases and his poor background. This makes him thick particularly among first time voters who had just clocked 18 years old and the poorest of the poor.

His arch opponent, octogenarian Joseph Boakai, onetime Vice President in the government of former President Johnson Sirleaf, is also hopeful, hinging his stance on the harsh economic hardship, prevalent in Liberia. He promises to bring in macro economic stability.

Which ever side of the pendulum, tomorrow’s elections will be tightly contested in Africa’s oldest republic, peopled with men and women known for their eminent expressive personalities and vociferous voices on issues of national and continental dimensions.