Granting amnesty to deserving inmates as incentive to rehabilitation – Mrs Obaseki

Mrs Betsy Obaseki


By Jethro Ibileke

The wife of Edo State Governor, Mrs Betsy Obaseki, has suggested the granting of amnesties and freedom to deserving prison inmates as incentive to hasten their rehabilitation and a source of hope to individuals within the correctional system.

Mrs Obaseki said this during her annual visit to correctional facilities in the state, where he was represented by the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Peter Okonkwo.

This year’s visitation was at Oko the Medium Security Custodial Centre, in Benin City, in commemoration of Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary.

The annual visit reaffirms government’s dedication to criminal justice reform and also signifies a renewed hope for many inmates striving to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.

She emphasized government’s keen interest in granting pardon and amnesty to inmates who have demonstrated genuine repentance and correction.

Mrs Obaseki noted that the annual ritual underscores her dedication to the welfare and reformation of inmates within the state.

She encouraged Prison officials to collate the names of eligible inmates and follow due process to submit these names to the appropriate authorities, assuring that she will personally monitor the process.

She forther reiterated government’s focus on fostering hope and aiding in the rehabilitation of individuals within the correctional system.

“The government is positively inclined in this direction. Granting freedom not only gives hope but also facilitates the process of correction and reformation.

“When inmates know that good conduct can lead to reduced sentences or even amnesty, they are motivated to improve themselves,” Mrs Obaseki said.

Earlier, the Controller of the Nigeria Correctional Service in Edo State, Philomena Ehimenoa, expressed gratitude for the Governor’s support and shared her optimism about the promise made by the government.

“The Governor has assured me that he will act on this matter, and I have already compiled the names and sent them to him.

“I urge everyone to pray for him to fulfill his promise and bring positive change to the lives of these individuals,” she said.

Oh his part, the Assistant Controller-General, Friday Ovie, while addressing the inmates, urged them to embrace rehabilitation opportunities.

“Live up to expectations and shun vices detrimental to your reformation and reintegration into society. Your commitment to genuine change can make a significant difference in your lives and contribute positively to our community,” Ovie advised.

One of the inmates spoke on behalf of others, acknowledged the Mrs Obaseki’s influential role.

“We believe that through your good office and your proximity to our father, His Excellency, the Governor, you can advocate for the release and pardon of inmates who have genuinely repented.

“Your support can transform lives, including those of individuals like Monday Ogum who has been on death row the past twenty years, whose story is marked by redemption and transformation,” he said.