Tribunal’s Verdict Injustice to Ogun Electorates-PDP


Adejoke Adeleye, Ogun

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has described the judgement made by the Election Petition Tribunal on Saturday 30th of September over its petition against INEC,Dapo Abiodun and All Progressive Congress as an justice against the Ogun electorate who had come out in their numbers to votes in March 18 2023 election.

The PDP through its state chairman, Hon Sikirulai Ogundele, in a press conference said the judgement given by the three-man panel at Isabo, Abeokuta was a
miscarriage of justice.

He said the tribunal had done injustice to the party’s petition against the credibility of the March 18, 2023 Governorship election which the party participated in and Won.

“Regrettably, the election result as announced by INEC falls short of what a
credible election in a democratic society should portray. It was marred with
several irregularities and infractions perpetuated by the assumed winner, the All Progressive Congress with the overt connivance of the electoral umpire.

Adding that the party expresses its
profound disappointment and concern regarding the recent judgment by the
Election Petition Tribunal, which struck out its petition against the All
Progressives Congress (APC) and its candidate, Mr Dapo Abiodun.

Noting that the whole decision was based solely on technicalities, overlooked the substantial merits and critical pieces of evidence presented in our petition, including allegations of vote buying, voter disenfranchisement, harassment, and balot box snatching, multiple thumb printing, over voting, marking of ballot papers with markers among other irregularities.

“In a democracy, it is paramount that the electoral process remains transparent,
just, and accountable. Our decision to pursue legal action was driven by the
need to ensure that the will of the people of Ogun State is upheld and that our
democracy remains free from manipulation or irregularities. We entered this legal process with the firm belief that justice would be served, and the truth Would to light.

Shockingly, the Tribunal chose to focus on procedural technicalities, rather than
engaging in a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of the evidence and
allegations presented in our petition. The issues we raised in our petition are of
the utmost importance, as they concern the very heart of our democratic values.
They reflect not only our concerns but also the concerns of the people of Ogun
State who participated in the electoral

Our petition contained detailed and compelling evidence of alleged over-voting,voters’ disenfranchisement, harassment of voters, and balot box snatching, among other serious irregularities.

These allegations were not frivolous: they were grounded in credible testimonies and substantial documentation.

The people of Ogun State deserve an impartial and thorough examination of these claims to ensure that the electoral process remains untainted.

The facts of the electoral fraud perpetuated by the APC and its candidate, Mr Dapo Abiodun are in the public domain.

The memory of how armed thugs
invaded several polling units under the supervision of emperor Dapo Abiodun
still lingers and even the report of the police investigation that indicted key
cabinet members of Dapo Abiodun in sponsoring thugs on election day is key
evidence pointed to the poor election witnessed on the voting day.” He said

Assuring the people of Ogun State the party’s commitment to justice and
the principles of democracy remains unshaken. While firmly believing that the
people deserve to have their voices heard and their votes counted.

He said decision of the Tribunal will not deter us from pursuing justice and protecting the rights and aspirations of their supporters and the citizens of Ogun State.

“We have decided to take this matter to the appellate courts, where we believe a
more thorough and impartial assessment of the evidence and allegations will take place.

We are resolute in our determination to ensure that the truth is of the will the
revealed people prevails and that
We extend our gratitude to our supporters, who have shown resilience and unwavering faith in our cause. We call on all well-meaning citizens and
stakeholders in Ogun State to join us in our quest for justice and in upholding
the principles of democracy. Together, we will continue the fight for a brighter
future for our beloved state”. He hinted

The Peoples Democratic Party thereby assures the people of Ogun State that the good governance they truly deserve will be realised in no distance time. We share their grieve over the prevailing hardship being currently faced as a result of the poor governance option the APC is on surely the offering We wilI fight hard to restore Power to the People of Ogun State.”