For first time, President Tinubu speaks on Emefiele’s travails

Tinubu in France

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for the first time, spoke on what Mr Godwin Emefiele, the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), is passing through in hands of security officials.

Tinubu said during an interactive session on Friday with Nigerians resident in France and neighbouring European countries, that the nation’s financial system was on a pair of crutches under the watch of Emefiele.

Emefiele arrested

Nigerians abroad, as Tinubu put it, were unable to send money to their relatives “because of the multiple exchange rates.”

“Then the financial system was rotten. Few people making bags of our money and then you yourself, you stopped sending money home to our poor parents. Several windows… but that is gone now, is gone.

“The man is in the hands of authorities, something is being done about that, they will sort themselves out.”

Tinubu in France

Tinubu further promised to implement further financial reforms in the coming weeks.

“We have security challenges in the country. Maybe that is how they are fuelling insecurity; we have to look at everything. We will change the financial system; it will work for you.”

“Whether you voted for me or you didn’t vote for me, I am your president. By the grace of God, I have to work on your behalf.

“The challenges are enormous. But do we have hope? Yes. With perseverance, determination and persistence, we can achieve whatever we desire.

“I know the road and I’ve been through what many of you have been through outside the country. I’ve been in America and in the UK; I had been a night guard, security man and a door man in America. But I have achieved my aim,” Tinubu said.