AIICO Insurance Responds to Misleading Allegations of Breach of Contract


AIICO Insurance has reacted to a widely circulating story on some online media with the headline “Lagos lawyer drags AIICO Insurance company to court over breach of contract,” which “we find to be sensational and misleading.

“It is important to clarify that the headline implies that AIICO Insurance breached the contract with its client, whereas the reality is that the client failed to fulfil his contractual obligations to the letter which failure actually undermines the purport of this Insurance Contract.”


The insurance company went further: “As a responsible corporate entity, we choose not to engage in any commentary regarding the ongoing legal case, allowing the legal proceedings to follow its due course. We firmly believe in the judicial system and its ability to determine the truth and dispense of the matter accordingly. Consequently, we refrain from making any public statements until the conclusion of the current judicial process, whereupon we will address the matter appropriately.


We remain steadfast in upholding our commitment to transparency, integrity, and the principles of justice.”