We Remain Unshaken On May 29- Nigerian Military

Nigerian troops

To all doubting Thomases and those trying to plant landmines on the path of democracy, (another milestone ritual is slated for May 29 swearing in of the President-Elect, Bola Tinubu), the Defence Headquarters has a message. That is, missive of “commitment to a peaceful transition to a new government on May 29.” In other words, the assurance was given that the military and intelligence community “were ready to counter any threat to national security.”

This was revealed at a news conference on the operations of the armed forces yesterday in Abuja by Maj.-Gen. Musa Danmadami, the Director, Defence Media Operations.

Accordimg to Danmadami: “Like the general election has come and gone, winners have been announced, people are just being apprehensive to be insinuating situations that are not there.

“People have been predicting that this country will finish but nothing has happened.

“Members of the Armed Forces like I always tell you, will continue to give their best, and we are not resting on our oars to ensure that peace and security is sustained.

“I equally assure you that the intelligence community too are working round the clock just like the armed forces to ensure that there is peace and stability; I can assure you that there are a lot of follow up operations going on everyday.

“People who are at the verge of committing crime are being arrested; people who are moving ammunitions from one point to the other to go and commit havoc are being arrested everyday as it was reflected in the brief for today.

“So people should not be afraid that when they hand over there is going to be calamity all over the place.

“I can assure you that we are ready to address whatever calamity that wants to come up.

“We are ready for that, so people should just go about their normal duties and forget about these apprehension people are creating unnecessarily.

“There is no cause for alarm and everything is under control,” he said.