What We Do at Agbara Adura Healing Centre

Silouette of a mosque

At Agbara Adua Healing Centre, God is capable of solving all your problems and heals all your debilitating diseases no matter the year.

We care but God heals. Our record speaks for us. Nobody comes to us and goes back same way.

We have solutions to several problems plaguing mankind. No matter the distance or where ever you area, our perfumes, soaps and special prayers from the anointed one are what you need to overcome all your problems.

Agbara Adua Healing and Moricas home offers you Special Prayer for your Spiritual and Financial Progress.

Our Special Prayers and Perfumes and Special Soaps are capable of solving your problems and healing your diseases  such as, barreness, Weak Erection, you will get your full erection back within 48 hours, Marriage disappointment, terminal diseases such as, diabetics, highblood pressure and cancer.

We can also boost your promotion and command riches and fortune to smile on you.

Why not visit us today and experience the power of God and stop running  around.

You can also call us from anywhere in the world, the hand of God is everywhere, or you visit our offices.

                                    Agbara Adura

                      HEALING & MORICASS HOME (NIG.) LTD.

Manufactoring & Spupplier, of Original Perfume, all kinds of Gum, Soaps, Prayer Accessories

Prayer Home Address                                                               Fax: 01-452-0101

35, Ayantuga Str.,                                                                    Tel: 01-4528071, 08022236838,

Agbara Adura B/Stop, Off Fafolu Str.,                                       08033580992, 08042139529

AP B/Stop, Olorunsogo,                                                        Email: agbaraadura@yahoo.com

Mushin, Lagos.